Twist'd n' Fixit's 40 ozs. of Ink...


We're like
that Jekyll n' Hyde
'alight in the dark'
with nowhere to hide
see the carnage we spark
guilty, we sin
we begin our stride
equally partakin'
in ink's homocide

It's the good n' the bad
the half sane n' half mad
rockin' together, side by side

twistin' up the lyrics
to wrack the brain
Twist'd n' fixit's been itchin'
to spit you all insane...

Naajir Rasad:

...insane indeed in name and in deed as Twist'd
Passes the 40 oz. of ink laced with Formalde-HYDE
Now Fixit's got his fix ready for more homicide as
I walk dolo down dark alleys at home in the valley
Of death watchin my latest victim breathe his last
Arctic breaths>>>>

Emboldened and bamboozled my mild mannerisms
This son-of-a-bitch soon to be bitched out heckled
The I-Jeckyll totally oblivious that I hide my Hyde
Beneath my hide never too obvious forever pushin
Pen to pad like a semi-mad scientist a carefully
Concoctin the demise of those I despise...

Naajir Rasad:

Ahh yes....'s just another reprise of the same ol' story
This time a little more gory where he suddenly ended
Upon my parchment-slash-operating table like a
Sacrificial lamb damned by I that am decadence's bane
Totally unstable and with pen in hand I scripted him
Ripped him shredded him beheaded him replaced it
With a rooster's face just to show him the cock he
Really was who never learned to fly just a walking dead
A talking head lettin the days go by round n round so
I chose to bury him n raise him from the ground up
As a devoted disciple of Twist'd n Fixit..

...and it is we the heaven sent eternally hell bent on
Releasin lyrical torment upon the dormant seeded
Redundant repugnant sub-human species their
Mouths full of feces spittin fraudulent bullshit from
Sanctimonious pulpits we are the culprits here for the
Culling shavin the wheat from the chaff our pens be
Our staffs..our rods that we shall not spare so they
Better pray to their gods cuz the odds we grant
Clemency is certainly not lookin in their favor...


A sip n a dip
in this 40 oz. ink
got the mind abuzz,
in hues that I think

We came 'true' able
to murder in ink
delvin' into the darkness
Just to make you blink
atrocious acts of ink's bloodshed
yet it's the FIX all along
for the twist'd n' fed...

two dark horses,
penultimate forces unsettled
as this ink enforces
our verses mettle
It's a cocotion that's blended
with wisdom's 'fore' sight
smeared into imagery's
darkest of night,
still, see what you want
of this 40oz. plight...

A perversion though,
twisted an excursion gifted
a creativity of verse
encased if you missed it

subtlle it's not,
so don't ask us to fix it
we spilt the ink hot, n'
that's just how we mixed it!

Written by Poetikmind (_---_)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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