" Morgue Smorgasbord"

*entered in blood and guts: Thanksgiving comp  
celebrate a tragic feast, a menagerie with a smorgasbord      
 with the regurgitated haunted morgue tour      
Thanksgiving of the morbid and sordid      
 the grand table set of ill-repuke, the sable soup    
was strained strange with fabled still-birthed saber tooth    
 diced mice infested with lice, digested with immortal mirth      
and ingested moon-tomb ice with molested avarice quirks     
 marquee of bone marrow displayed in a marred mirror bowl      
with milk of amnesia cascading invitingly      
 chilling and spilling into flagons of dragon teeth        
wrapped in funeral fur with curdled carcasses beneath      
hors d'oeuvres before the whore witch      
 carving the fatted mime, simmered spine in serpentine      
slime and lady gravy sore of bitch      
 leaking coffin juice savored, slices of abused Pandora      
pallor of pallid cadaver flavors      
 dipped in chocolate esophagus and rhinoceros rot      
fire halo of fallen angel hair in noodle enough      
 desired jello of crawling painfully impaired poodle puffs      
rancid candy pancake feast of filth flushed of strudel guts      
 sprinkled with murderous mommy's lust      
and pickled tube-steak of Tommy's gun      
 with putrid spawn of pastrami pus and tainted zombie nuts        
MMmmm .. crushed face with squirting eye-ball mush      
 laced with poisoned poi of moistened boy destroyed      
child of pie and piles of sigh, defiled mime and instant vile of elephant bile      
 gruel of mule stools with squirt of hurt, full of fool with drool mud      
 powdered crud with pustules of ugly mug murk      
with sloth of vagina fungal from jungles of southern China      
  and venom of vanilla sarsaparilla phlegm      
then a numb fella' .. from some massacred villa      
 soaked in tequila Ophelia with crazy rabid chinchilla cur      
weird cinder cellar cider custard quiff        
 it's all washed and splashed with druid fluid      
riled crocodile, intuitive newt and ill repute of reptile puke      
 scary circus clowns and Sherpa drowned with a surplus of burped pus      
and a purchase of grime mush, composed of crime sluts      
  merrily splashed and churned quivering live slime livers      
lawn mower chopped leg of pawn with canned son of Sam damned      
 spawning coward of mopped grave with fawn of pan .. fried      
you've been ghosted, spayed, with a spray of insecticide        
 with some mad maniacal Madame dust of musk        
and bon-bon monster nipples and van ripples of baboon arm      
chopped Cyclops, worm-husk and drops of rotting warm crust of germ      
 gargoyle boils, spoiled serpent coil and toils of scorpion sting oil      
and creepy shot-gun victims soiled .. misted meat recoil and of course ..foil of twisted sister      
 homicidal teen-ager with a fungicidal spleen savoring      
with Lammas vomit and prima donna trauma        
 subdued barbequed Barbie party, meals try to escape between taser      
stun and rapid fire with an AK .. scum and vapid liars, some blend away        
 some succumb with succulent succubus ..      
who has another agenda with grilled Brenda      
 queen of scum and prince of bum, cousin crumb of stippled dumb      
jester of pester masked in bleeding skinned faces      
 victim scalped dew of culprit needle pins in cryostasis      
hearse delivery cries on a table beset      
 of worse slippery customers disabled with regret      
Thanksgiving is not just for the living dead      
 the writhing wed, the slithering fed      
and eaten .. beseeching the mislead      
 silently screeches the decapitated head      
a feast of unforgiving dread      
 the hellish was embellished and said      
raise my glass and praise our laughs .. with a toast of ghoul drool      
 and bubbled blood of troubled love, thigh of virgin, cries aversion        
sickly sour meal festering, quickly devour a wheel barrel of intestines      
 fingers meshing in decay, wriggling flesh as your dinner crawls away      
unless you've tasted basted feet, delicacies of jealousy .. bone appetite        
Written by jakehammer
Published | Edited 3rd Dec 2013
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