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Image for the poem Sun Rise..................(on My Truth)

Sun Rise..................(on My Truth)

The sunlight does shine  
and I rise  
wiping remnants of another day past  
from my sleepy eyes  
“The reality of it all  
is that reality is  
what it is or what we think it is.......  
Why are things the way they are ?”
..........Dionne Farris  
Mic check one, check two  
everything is everything  
the appearance of  
doing what it's supposed to do  
I place my feet upon the floor  
Skin is warm,  
sky is blue  
I lift up a prayer  
so thankful that  
I have found you..........  
… “one and only”, I'm so addicted to  
and then  
the divinity of madness begins  
the rhythm of my  
beating heart within  
this moment  
that incessant tingling  
like a  
tubular bell  
temperature rising  
a hellish fever  
poured all over my  
a throbbing pulse  
my thick root rises  
hard and fast  
between my thighs  
in search of your  
cooling water  
needing to anchor  
quickly loosing myself  
into early morning  
thoughts of you  
I'm on fire.........  
an overpowering need to  
give into my most  
carnal desires  
the one  
I've yet to taste
yet to feel
yet to touch  
yet I Love  
She is......  
more than life to me  
the rise and fall  
sturm and drang  
tension and release  
She's my morning love  
No one in the world  
has ever brought to me  
such inner peace....  
…..three simple words  
that is my plight,  
my fight  
"where u at? where U At?"  
Something's different  
this morning  
Jennifer Hudson  
has invaded  
my daily system check.....  
….she's my deep tissue itch  
that I can not scratch  
Never felt this before  
and I wonder  
Did someone poison my milk?  
“Why must the dog chase the cat?”  
I am fienin' the touch  
of her precious, China silk  
rich honey golden strain  
lining her sugar walls...  
….let me push this needle  
A brutal “tug of war”  
a battle real  
this is no game....  
”we gon' fight”  
and I'm gon' win  
My mind tells me “play fair”  
my heart begs “I need you so much more than him”  
Critical mass  
hormones raging out of control  
This is deeper than the desire  
This is a rape of my carnal soul  
I need it, I need it  
like a junkie needs a fix  
just a taste baby,  
just a kiss  
just a lick.......  
....just your love  
Never ever felt like this  
this shaking of the spirit  
Can't get enough of you.....  
…...needing you more  
each and every day  
you're my greatest addiction  
….....let me clear my head  
my feet on the floor  
I press my way  
from my bed  
to contemplate another day  
it's challenges  
exciting and new  
“...tugging hard on the rope of chance,    
yanking feverishly at living in the now”
In Love  
with you......    
Author's Note- (I think that maybe I should stop getting up early, before 6 am and writing.  LOL  Morning music playing, trying to cook breakfast and ideas just pop into my head like odes and songs.  Credits to some friends of mine: Dionne Farris "Reality", Adele, "One And Only", Jennifer Hudson "Where You At?" and "We Gon' Fight", Parliament "Atomic Dog", and a quote from a very prolific writer on our DU site...Thanks)  
Written by MusicallyMrM (Mr_Mahogany_Wood)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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