Into The Mist

She walked through the woods
in the early morning mist
the fog rolled around her feet
slight winds grasping the
moisture and swirling it around
as if she were surrounded by ghosts

Everything around her dripping
in heavy moisture, the tree branches
would give under the pressure of it
and in swaying would shower her
with large droplets of water

Dousing her skin, penetrating through
her dress. Her long hair curling in
the humidity. Little by little she
was becoming lost in it. Her white dress
blending in with the mist enveloping her
occasionally it would twist away like
currents floating behind her becoming
a train to her dress, parting
only long enough to see her moving
floating across the dense carpet
of glistening leaves, silently she moved
the only sound a heavy
pitter patter of droplets dancing
upon the forest floor

She moved so gracefully, as if
in a dance with nature
absorbing all the elements through
her skin, her breath. Her arms held
out slightly by her sides, her hands turned
to catch the droplets before she let
them glide through her fingers
her movements flowing
gliding along slowly
ever so slowly
she faded
into the
Written by jemac
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