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The Throbbing-Torn Heart, (Erotic Taboo Ver. Of Tell – Tale Heart)

I Have Been Nervous For A While.
The Nights Are All The Same.
Waiting In The Dark, Starring Through The Slightly Open Door.
To Your Bedroom, Your Chamber That I Have Come To Know So Well.
I Live With In Your Care.
Such A Gentleman You Are, I’ll Admit You Are Fairly Attractive.
But, There Is Much That Hasn’t Been Said, Or Rather Noticed.
With All The Writing I Have Done, I Let You Gaze Upon The Poetry First.
That Spills Out Like The Fluids That Seep Between My Thighs.
You Never Seem To See That “Part” Though.
It Won’t Really Matter Now.
You Sent Me Into A Frenzy, Which I Have Come To Contemplate A Plan.
To One Night Unleash My Fantasies Upon You.
While You Slumber, For Each Night I Watch You.
To Gaze At Your Toned Body And Handsome Face.
You Don’t Hear The Noises Of Ecstasy I Make.
Dipping My Fingers Within The Sweetest Of Spot.
Violating You In My Most Sexual Of Thoughts.
Did You Know That I Have Been Entering Your Room Now?
I Have Started To Make My Way Closer To You.
Each Slow And Steady Foot Step.
A Small Lit Candle That Lights My Path, This Particular Night.
You Heard Me, The Noise Of Which My Damp Fingers Had Made A Slight.
Slapping Sound, For I Was Playing With My Flower.
A Bit To Rough, I Stopped.
Frozen In The Most Odd Of Positions.
Merely, Bent Over And Valuably Un-Covered.
 For My Night Gown Was Lifted Upwards.
And My Panties Laid On The Cold Floor.
You Raised From Your Bed.
Looking For What Had Made The Sound.
The Pitch Black Was My Friend At The Time.
Hiding Me From You.
Your Room Only Had One Window, Which You Had Kept Shut.
You Always Hated The Sun Waking You In The Morning.
You Were Un-easy For You Didn’t Go Back To Sleep.
Till 30 Minutes After, So I Made My Retreat.
And Left You For That Night.
But Tonight I Have Gotten Inpatient.
I’m Eager To Finally Have You Inside Of Me.
Primarily, Excited To Have You Penetrate My Waiting Pussy.
Im At Your Door Again, Except You Had Locked It This Time.
Trying To Catch Some Sort Of Glimpse Of You.
Through The Key Hole.
I Grew Angry, So I Went To The Kitchen.
To Find Something To Unhinge The Lock.
I Found A Knife And A Small Paper Clip.
Walking Back, I Hide The Knife On The Side Of My Underwear.
Then Proceeding To Pick Lock The Door.
It Gave Way, You Had Heard Me.
Shocked, I Couldn’t Say A Word.
For Your Eyes Were Fixed On Me.  
And Mine On You.
Silence Suffocating The Moments Pasted.
You Then Pulled Up My Dress, Exposing The Knife I Had.
And The Damp Spot That Soaked My Panties.
You Gave A Slight Grin, Then Took The Knife Away.
Un-Sheathing It.
Grabbing Me By The Forearm, You Then Forced Me On To Your Bed.
Placing The Knife Above My Left Breast, You Cut Away At My Garment.
Leaving It To Shreds.
The Tables Have Turned For Me, For I Know What You Have In Mind.
Now Half Naked, Laying In Your Bed.
You Started To Undress, Putting On A Private Show For Me.
Which Causes Me To Flush A Bright Red.
“Now, If You May Please Remove Your Panties For Me Ma’am. And I Do Insist You Do The Process Slowly.” He Claimed In A Settle Tone Of Voice.
I Did What Was Told, And Followed His Every Command.
For It Had Brought Him Great Pleasure To See Me In An Embarrassing State.
He Got Me Where He Wanted Me.
Merely, Frightened And Scared Of What Was To Come Next.
He Gave A Well Assuring Kiss.
But That Was The Deceiving Part.  
For He Had Started To Violently Thrust Into Me.
Causing Endless Waves Of Pain And Pleasure.
Throughout  My Small Petite Figure.
My Moaning Were Now Small Shrieks.
But He Begun To Kiss Me With The Most Passionate Of Ways.  
It Was Like He Was Doing This To Say Sorry For My Now Bruised Body.
This Went On Through The Night.
Making Rough Love, a Sweet Delight.
We Must Have Had Many Moments Of Ecstasy.
Which Has Left Me Weak By Morning, Motionless.
But He Held Me In His Arms.
Fingers Intertwined With One Another.
 In Till, The Police Arrived At The Front Door.
My Lover Came Back Telling Me That The Neighbors.
Said That The Noises From Our House Sounded Like Murder.
We Both Laughed And Smiled.
For This Was One Night That I Will Remember.  
Written by TheMonsterfromHe11 (Daddy Tempest)
Published | Edited 21st Jun 2014
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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