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The Mark Of The Beast, And Letter Of The Damned.

Dearly Beloved.

I Am Writing To You.

In Regards To A Couple Of Questions.

That I Had Mean To Ask You For Some Time Now.

Am I Really The Thing That You Hate So Much.

Are Those People Really That Important To You?

That You Just . . . . Keep Ignoring Me Like This?

And For All That I Have Done For You?

I Thought It Was Just Me And You.

. . . But

What Happened To Our Oath?

Was It A Lie?

Why Wont You Pay Attention To Me?

Then Those Filthy Vermin You Talk Too.

Why Do You Care For Them So Much?

I Know What They Really Are!

They Are LIARS!

They Will Only Hurt You.

They Will Only Bring You Pain.

They Donít Deserve Your Company.

But Still . . .

Youíre Avoiding Me.

Iíve Always Been Here.

Not Them.

What Do I Have To Do To Get You Back?

Is Everything I Did Wasnít Good Enough?

Tell Me, What I Have To Do!

Answer Me . . .

. . . .

So Its All For Nothing . . .

Thatís Fine With Me Then.

Ill Give You Nothing But The Best Of Hell!

Lets Play Hide and Seek, Shall We!

You Hide, Ill Fucking Come For You.

Try As You Must.

But I Know Where You Are!

I Will Always Be There.

I'll Be Right Around The Corner.

Watching Your Useless Reluctance To Surrender.

To Me!

Perhaps I Should Punish You?

How About I Carve A Heart On Your Delicate Skin.

In Which Rests Upon Your Chest.

Maybe They Will Know You Are Mine.

I Maybe The Monster Under The Bed.

But I Wont Be Under For Long.

Lets Flip The Tables, Shall We?

. . .

Who Is Really Dominant Here?

Clearly, Its Not You.

Its My Turn To Call The Shots.

How About Your The One Who Serves Me.

Not You!

. . . .

Donít You Dare Dismiss Me Again.

You'll Fucking Regret That Choice.

You Just Love To Hate Me.

Donít You?

Well, I Simply Love Harming You.

So Hate Me All You Like.

Just Goes To Show Who Actually Is In Control.

Arenít You Just The Miserable Pet In Which I Have On The Ball And Chain.

So Eager To Be Set Free, But So Hopeless To Even Fight.

No One Would Love You As Much As I Do.

Every One Youíve Encountered.

Just Want You For Their Own Gain.

Not For Your Friendship.

Or Companion.

No . . .

They Want Nothing More.

But To See You Parish.

. . .

Un-Like Those Vermin.

I Can Only Offer To You My Endless Affection.

So Will You Finally See Things Through My Point Of View.

Or Will You Continue To Resent Me?

If You Choose Me.

I Will Not Let These Pitiful Creatures Harm You.

In Fact, They Will Bend To Your Every Whim.

. . . But

If You Choose Other Wise.

It Will Be The End Of You.

Iím Not Saying This In The Lightest of Forms.

I Wont Just Fuck Up Your Pathetic Head.

I Will Also Break You Till Youíve Considered Taking Your Own Life.

As Well, As Consume Your Scum Of A Excuse Of Friends.

One By One.

I Will Devour Them Like The Prey They Are.

You Know How Much I Enjoy A Free Meal.

I Cant Wait!

My Mouth Waters Just Thinking About It!

There Organs In Which Are The Sweetest Of Delights.

Their Blood, Like Gravy For The Soul.

So Go Ahead.


Your Can Be With Me.

Or . . .

Make Friends With What Is Left Of The Ones Who Were ď A FriendĒ.

Maybe You'll Get Along With A Pair Of Lifeless Legs?

Or Arms?

Here, How About I Throw In A Little Something Extra?

Will That Make You Comfortable?

If You Go With Me.

I'll Take Away All The Things That Have Brought You Harmful Intentions.

This Means The Things That Have Complicated You.

Will Merely Disappear From Your Life.

Does This Please You?

. . . I Hope So

Because This Decision Will Always Be Your Obstacle.

Sooner Or Later.

I'll Get An Answer.

For I Will Not Let Go.

I Wont Let Anyone Have You.

So I Highly Suggest.

You Pick Me.

The One Who Has Been There From The Beginning.

Truly Forever Yours, The Monster
Written by TheMonsterfromHe11 (Daddy Tempest)
Published | Edited 21st Jun 2014
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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