Fun piece 2. Nonsense Verse

The crocodile and giraffe, they'd remark
Met on a hill with the flood all around.
While the croc did sun, thinking what a lark
The giraffe stretched for leaves to be found
On those few trees above the water mark
Amusing the croc for whom fish did abound.
The lady crocodile and gentlemen giraffe
Enjoyed the company fate had bestowed.
At each other's eating habits both could laugh.  
Humour put them on the romantic road.
You think croc and giraffe mating is naff?
Wrong. Their mutual passion did explode.
On what kind of child they could not agree.
She wanted his long neck and her gnasher teeth
To catch geese nesting in one big tree.
Long front legs with her swishy tail beneath
He thought would get leaves to mouth quite carefree.
The babe arrived with patches yellow and black.
No big teeth but mum's swishy tail to the rear.
Dads long legs but her short ones at the back.
Mum moaned: 'This groc will give none any fear.'
When she grew up she found a career.
The kids in the fun park on her neck, black
And yellow, would slide right down to her rear,
Where, with her swishy tail, she gave them a whack
To the tent where parents were drinking beer.
(inspired by my son, when aged about two, who asked his heavily pregnant child-minder whether she was going to give birth to a crocodile or a giraffe and which would she prefer)
Any commentary on Darwin, Marx, planning v serendipidy
or planned parenthood is purely subconscious.
Written by marthard
Published | Edited 3rd Jan 2014
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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