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Do I Love You Any Less ?

....What you won't do
do for love
You'll try everything
but you won't give up
In my world, only you
make me do for love
what I would not do.....
Bobby Caldwell
I enter her kitchen
The warm incandescent glow  
of the light overhead
hazy waves of an ever building heat
and this woman, the finest I've ever seen
bent over a steamy, hot sink
Cowboy Tee, no panties
So damned sexy until it's obscene
the heat
making beads of sweat
stream down our faces......
I step out of my boxers,  
long, thick and hard
an image that erases
any traces of
what's to cum next
I press her soft, wet body hard against the sink
shirt raised above her brazen hips
my rock poised to take a long drink
from her creamy, wet yoni...
oh how her passion drips
(...she's a rainmaker, she makes the rain fall from the clouds)
every rich, thick  
inch of it
Every long, languished stroke,  
I'm up on my toes.....
.......balls deep
Every powerful thrust lifts  
her body from the floor
We burn inside this lustful inferno,  
sex sounds lush and wet
flesh slappin', nipples hard
breast splashin'
against warm water, deep
grinding my body in locked rhythm
against my baby  
her hips dance seductively
seeking a hot, soulful release......... I love you any less?

Words unspoken
moans and hisses  
gentle whispers and
torrid hot kisses
firmly squeezing
devilishly teasing  
her tingling flesh
in the midst of a  
potent, hot mix
your hips are rolling deep
on the tip of this man's dick
hard, throbbing and thick.......
a delicious violation
satisfying your insatiable elation
your pussy feeling the sweetest sensation
.....the most mind bending release
the stirring of your hedonistic lust-filled brew
at the hands of your own  


Do I love you any less?
Are we making love?
Are we just having sex?
As we lay upon the floor
in a crumpled heap,
were the whispers of my emotions
to your ears any less true? Any less deep?
Did not my heart still speak of
my endless love for you?
And for you I'd give my soul
My arms wrapped around you tight
and I'm right here when the darkness
gives way to the morning light....
Does the passion in my kisses
feel any different than before ?
Is it wrong for my desires to burn like fire
and of this strong drink of coffee,  
do your lips long for more?
In our private one else around
you're my bitch
and I'm your whore
torridly fucking each other into madness
friction burns upon the kitchen floor...... I love you any less?
Written by MusicallyMrM (Mr_Mahogany_Wood)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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