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Thirsty (E.L. Baby & Firebyrd collaboration)

Thirsty...(His Version E.L. Baby)    
    She came into the bedroom    
    With nothing but her t-shirt and panties on    
    The look in her eyes      
    I could tell she a strong desire    
    Obsessed with my human attachment    
    Her stare burned a hole straight through my pants    
    For I knew she had a need for something    
    By the way she lick her lips    
    I noticed she was craving liquids    
    Indeed this sexy lioness was    
    Her uncontrollable urge    
    Persistently persuaded me to do something    
    Dashing to the fridge to retrieve a cold beverage    
    But what I brought back this lioness dared not drink.    
    Trying desperately to remember past experiences    
    My conscious mind wondered    
    While I watched her hollowed gap    
    Sink deeply between her legs    
    She begins to beg,    
    Passionately for a watery substance    
    A material of a particular kind    
    There goes my conscious mind    
    Knowing damn well what she was asking for.    
    She pulls down my pants    
    Wanting my Ponce De Leon    
    To give her the fountain of youth.    
    Oh Yes,    
    I plan to quench the thirst of this animal.    
    She jumped upon me quick    
    Exited to be back in the wild    
    Her smooth mouth wrapped around my solider    
    Made my G.I. Joe strike like a Cobra    
    Venom soon to be everywhere.    
    The way she took care of my black snake    
    Back and forth motions choreograph perfectly to perfection    
    Orchestrated by her tongue    
    Had me making a hissing sound    
    Screaming loud    
    Damn she’s good!    
    Oh damn she’s great!    
    I begin to shake,    
    As tiny minerals escape from my pitcher into her cup    
    And she drinks uncontrollably,    
    For she was dying of thirst    
    Yes indeed she was,    
Thirsty...(Her Version Firebyrd)    
He was...pacing    
heart racing    
At the thought of...    
what he'd soon be tasting    
As he watched me tracing    
In nothing but lace bra & panties    
In a sheer nightgown    
I could feel    
His eyes burning holes into me    
SO I turned on soft music...    
but the sultry kind    
As my body swayed & moved    
He ... began to unwind    
With eyelids heavy... with seduction    
I told him to lock our door    
so we'd bare no interruption    
I sashayed  to him...    
Bent over...    
with my face to my knees...    
Then that's when I heard it...    
Yes... this man was begging me    
He was begging me to give him..    
something sweet to eat...    
He asked me to straddle his face    
SO he could enjoy his personal treat    
I was ready to oblige...    
anything for my man    
Internally I sighed    
as he gave me loving    
Only like he can    
He said he felt like he    
had been deprived of water    
like a dying man    
He said he was thirsty for me..    
and  he knew I'd understand    
As the rivers of me began    
to overflow...flooding my hills    
and valleys...and fertile lands    
He savored my every flavor...    
drinking  in every drop    
HE DRANK UNTIL i WAS Delirious    
He drank till I begged him to stop    
Thirsty for my juices...    
I let him have his fill    
we made love with wild abandon    
till both our bodies were still      
Thirsty, no more.
Written by ElBaby (E.L.Baby)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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