I Will Defend Your Right To Say It!

I shall embrace our connections from every sea to shinning sea
for universal conditions of our one humanity
which means I most acknowledge the darkness
with the light folk think of as good
in the quest for harmony of world wide neighborhood

So I must say the murderer, the rapist
oh yes they do walk this earth
and I am not one to deny them their existence
or reduce the meaning of their birth

As I am linked to the kindness of Mother Theresa or Dalai Lama
the purity of their words and what they command
so too I am reflected in Manson and his devilish plans
to the stranger who sacrificed his body so a young child would be saved
I am also connected to Hitler and how he sent so many to their graves

Likewise it is not just the flowery, smooth silky golden writes attached to me
but also the horrifying, debased, sadistic that many do not want to see
I refuse to let the pervasive thoughts fester, linger and accumulate mold
rather address straight forward at the risk of being too bold
not to hide behind a forum or have others fight my cause
or make public a private exchange for that airing always makes me pause

Oh yes if I am offended you will know how I feel
but tacking on pounds of public support
well that isn't the way I like to deal
for I aim to encourage others to write freely
and not be shunned for a wrong that has been admitted
my disdain is reserved for those who can't say "sorry"
those are the ones I deem half witted

So if a vulgar comment I come across
here or there in my time
I shall try not to let it burn in whole in my mind
for when we start down the road where will it end
selective free speech what a message to send

Now abuse and harassment is quite another story
but I still shall say you
I hold in the strictest of confidence any private massage
and the things that you do

I forever will carry that banner and ever be true
"I may not like what you say" but stopping your tongue isn't what I do
if not an ax murder, a race war igniter, an unchecked molester in the wings
I am capable of being mature in the way I handle things
not to put down or besmirch others for human mistakes
but accept that in a sense we all have our own torture stakes

For the one thing I have learned with my time educating in two states
is a public tarring never helps in changing a guilty party's fate
when a change is hoped for better options are on the plate
in my view this is good to remember down the corridors of DUP
A time when you "Get Over It", said masters Frey and Henley
Written by JAZZMANOR
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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