i dont know what to call it. message if you have any ideas

a year and a half away from family
a year and a half in a treatment
a year and a half away from harm
a year and a half gone from my life

a so called mother is what i had
she said she loved me and that was it
in reality she hated everything about me
a year and a half away from "mother"

treatment is nothing what you think
it sucks you dry like the hell you were in
councelors telling you what you must learn
threatment fucks you over like no other

harm thats what i was addicted to
self mutilation a beautiful art some say
it was a release to me a different kind of harm
hatred was my harm taken out on my arms

gone like my mind ther was nothing left
the robbed me of all emotions that i ever had
placed me on medication thinking it would help
gone like i was in all the night terrors they sent me into

i recovered from treatment
i recovered from rape
i recovered from abuse
i recovered from self harm

treatment fucks you up in a whole new world
turning all you knew inside out and back again
taking what you thought was real and proving it fake
trearment a wonderful twisted world that we created

rape people dont think about it that often
rage the underlying cause of 95 percent of rapes
repeaded offenses are often due to silencing of the victum
rape a little word that most people turn away from when they can stop it

abuse a funny word in its self
anger the leading cause in family violence
absense in a childs life it the greatest fear in anyone
abuse more commen than people like to think it really is.

self harm a struggle on the daily
suicidal thoughts that pop in to ones head
seduction of the lul of the soft cold metal against skin
self harm a new drug that people dont quite understand
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