Poetry: something that is very beautiful and or graceful, the writing of a poet, writing that formulates a concentrated imaginative awareness of language and wording chosen by the author.
     Poetry has many definitions to one individual. To me poetry is about beauty, the beauty that simple words can create for many different people. The books written be Ellen Hopkins such as “Crank, Glass, Fallout, Burned, Impulse, and Tricks” are all written in poetry format. They create images for the reader that only the author can imagine. A tear drop on one page a stop sign on the next, they are all poetry. Ellen Hopkins chooses her words with such determined desires that her writing if flawless. To remove a word would mean chaos, to remove a sentence the foundation would crumble, and to remove a paragraph the poetry itself would be ruined! Such elegance is the soul of poetry.
     Poetry, a single word, the writing of musical notes on a piece of paper. The foundation of the simple word, beauty. Without poetry where would the world be today? In total chaos and destruction, falling to the whims of those who seek to torment and torture innocence? To me a world without poetry is a dark and sad place to even think of existing. Yes some poems are sad, but then there are the poems that make the flowers bloom and the birds sing, poetry that can only be imagined in this life time.
        As Cassandra Clare said in Clockwork Angel “only the weak-minded refuse to be influenced be literature and poetry.” People chose what to be influenced by, weather is good or bad, light or dark, and they still choose their own fate. If we as a people have a strong enough mind then we can choose to write beautiful things, things in the form of poetry. Poetry adds a little light to the world and it illuminates the dark just enough for people to create their own light in this world. A light that will lead other poets to an enlightened place.
        As Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “poetry is a painting that is felt rather than seen”, and he was correct. You can see the words but they cannot rearrange themselves on the page to form a moving picture, but then can move your emotions with the words and how they are placed. Poetry is an art, defined only by the words people place upon it.
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