I was once like a baby, oblivious of the knowledge to walk and speak or love
I was once the blank canvas before the Mona Lisa
I was once Innocent, untouched, and pure

I was once the blank spaces on the map before the world’s discovery; the uncharted lands of wilderness that now have names and populations
I was once the bare ceiling before the Sistine Chapel
I was once Innocent, virgin to pain, love and life, now I am widowed

Once all was possible
I was once eyes incapable of shedding tears
I was once empty, then I became full, than you emptied my being again
I was once Innocent, carefree, a breeze blown by another breeze, unchecked and endless

You have taken this from me, been the pollutant corrupting my purity, been the plague over my mind and body
My care freeness turned to carelessness, my freedom transformed into bondage, the untouched now ravaged with fear
You gave me life, than murdered me
My innocence was taken by her, the same way she took yours, the way he hers, in the manner they did to one another

Moments entangled in that embrace, dooming us with every second
Never again will I love so strong, so unconditionally
Never will my tears not have meaning
I am now tamed, domesticated, my experience is emptiness, I am Guilty by yours and my doing, no longer Innocent

Written by FreeLove87 (SamuraiEde)
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