Loving Hallie p.1

  Chewing on the sharp end of my pencil I taste the bitter led as it glides against my wet tongue. Closing my eyes I pretend I'm anywhere but here,where I remain trapped in the confines of a tight, uncomfortable desk. Giving up I open my eyes, and there she is. Sitting right in front of me focused on the task in hand, I watch her intently as she scribbles down something into a thick journal. Her cheeks are flushed and her hair hangs down in a messy array of loose tendrils. I want to take my fingertips and brush them behind her ears so I can see her eyes. Looking up she catches my blatant stare and my heart starts to quickly skip.

"So bored". She mouthed from across the room.
Turning I glance behind my back to make sure I'm seeing clearly, did she just talk to me?! Seeing that there's only one other student in detention who's dead asleep at his desk I'm assuming it was very well me. Looking down at my desk I quickly scribble a few words and hold it up for her to see once I am done.
I watch for her reaction and note once again how beautiful she is. Raising my hand I wait for the teacher to glance my way.

"Ah yes, Dana?"
 "May I go to the restroom?"
"Only if its an emergency."
 "I can assure you it is."
Grabbing the purse at my feet I stand and make my way out of the horrid,gray room and into the dimly lit hallways.

The door slams behind her and she giggles.Once she takes note of my existence she grabs my arm and pulls me further down the hall; "Come on Lets go somewhere fun."
I tried to form words but all I could focus on was the fact that she was touching me. Her warm palm wrapped around my cold, bare arm. Picking up my pace I finally mutter.
"hmmm...oh I know there's this awesome coffee shop downtown that has live poets and local singers."
"I swear you'll love it,trust me."
"I trust you."
Turning to look me over she smiles before saying "Good."
Two hours go by and all I can think about is how crazy this all is. The girl I have been dying to talk to is here with me talking to me as if shes known me for years, as if we were friends.

"Did you hear me?"
 "I'm sorry um I was lost in thought."
"Its ok we've been here for awhile I suppose it could get boring."
 "No actually Im enjoying myself." I stuttered "I mean its better than sitting in detention."
"Your strange, I like it."
 "Um, thanks".
Placing her hand on my thigh she smiles this time a smile full of teeth.
"How come we have never talked."
 "We run in different circles."
"True I suppose."
"Do you think we could do this again?"
Wait she wants to hang out with me again, strange,tongue, tied me.
I better answer before she takes back what she said.
"I would like that."
"Good its a date."

*Just a thought decided to see where it would go*
Written by Jasmine05 (Firebird)
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