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Bella's Rose

A long time ago there lived a girl named Bella who had ivory skin, long black hair, and bloody red lips. Bella was a true beauty many people said and because of her beauty her stepmother Envy wanted to kill her because of her talking dog, Cain, said she was the fairest of the land. Cain told Envy what to do to cause the death of Bella’s mother, Domina. Envy is the witch who had so much hate that she killed Bella’s mom the night that her father became the official king. Felon, Bella’s father, married Envy and raise Gina and Nina, Envy’s daughters, as his own girls a few months before his birthday, which was the day of his death. Gina would beat Bella and started to soon call her Snow White because her skin soon became pale, but Nina never looked at Bella because she was in love with the young butler, Henry, who was Bella’s best friend. Henry helped Bella through her hard times and to make her feel better he always gave her the flower she loved the most, a rose.

I love you was the last words Henry said before Envy killed him on Bella’s birthday, and the day Nina threatened Bella’s life and paid a huntsmen ,Jack, to kill her. Jack walked Bella to a beautiful field and told her to run until she met a man named Kevin. Kevin was to protect her until her stepmother died and she could become queen but soon he came to love her. Lonely days and lonely nights moved by as Bella stayed with the man waiting for her stepmother to die until one day Cain found her and told Envy where she was. Mom was the last words Kevin heard from Bella’s lips before she disappeared and he knew Envy tricked Bella to come by appearing as her mother. No one noticed a new rose tree had appeared in the middle of the castle’s yard. Oh, Envy hated Bella and she finally found a way to get rid of her without anyone finding her until Kevin came and saw the roses. People looked at him like he was crazy when he said she is the tree and to make his point he asked a wizard named Quentin to help him. Quentin understood and told Kevin he had to go find Roger and get him to say a spell and chew a piece of gum to save her. Roger said the spell and chewed the gum as her heart began to stop. Slowly she became herself but it seemed to be to late.

Tears rolled down his cheeks as he cried for his love and when he cried Envy started to die and die she did. Unexpectedly, Bella’s eyes opened Kevin smiled as he spoke words he never thought he would speak. Valentine’s Day is what he said and when he said that she looked at him crazy. Will you marry me was his next words and she then smiled and said yes. Xavier, Kevin’s brother, was the preacher at the wedding which was in a rose garden her father and mother married in. Years later she became queen and had a daughter named Zalerie. Zalerie grew to have light skin, rose red hair, and red lips. Anyone who saw her knew she was Bella’s rose from her tree.
Written by redstar (Dark Angel)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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