What if we could go back in time and spend a day in the lives of our primordial selves, where we could strip away all attachment to our so called evolved and civilised society and live not by the rules and control structures of programmed, cloned dictators, but with an understanding of natural harmony with all that is? Would we come to the conclusion that at this time in our history we were at the peak of human evolution? Are we in fact at a period in our cycle where we are experiencing devolution? It’s not such a bold assumption to state that we live in a world where everything has become a product; it would seem even ourselves. A world where fear drives us to stay indoors and put faith in a black box that subliminally implants thoughts and dictates our reality.

We are considered to be so ‘on the cutting edge’ of human existence that we can kill more people than ever before. We have doctors who know virtually nothing about the human body, at least on an energetic level, which are indoctrinated into a sub-system of pharmaceutical remedies for man-made illnesses, we have schools which teach that to be considered educated, we must be able to revise and repeat from text books selected and edited by the system, we have religions that teach us that in order to be considered worthy of the love of a higher power we must live and act within the bounds of what so called ‘enlightened’ people tell us and accept that we are slaves to something greater than ourselves in order to gain salvation. The same religions that claim to be spiritual yet segregate people by their sexual orientation and those who dare to question their dictates. A legal system which is flawed with hypocrisy and bureaucracy quite deliberately, along with the governments which alter it in order to accommodate their own agendas and a banking system which charges interest on money loaned which never existed in the first place. However all this is nothing new, it has been happening for centuries for the purpose of leading us into the clutches of the doctrine of Lucifer and a global fascist world order which humanity may never escape from.

Are we at a critical point of change, a turning point where our suppressed energy will revolt against these dictates? Or have we been divided over race, religion and culture for so long that our fear of each other acts like a negative magnetic force, which repels us away from each other so we literally can’t unite? Unification is one thing, to overthrow control structures and systems of dictatorial hierarchy, but what kind of world would we then create if we were victorious, spiritually or otherwise? Would we just attempt to adjust a flawed system, or could we put ourselves on a path to a world beyond the judgement of creed, colour and gender? Surely all we have ever known, at least in recent human history is this system which we have fed, bled and died to protect throughout the ages.

Whether we are manipulated and controlled inter-dimensionally, as some believe by an advanced race of reptilian entities, operating outside of visible light, slowly destroying nature and love, as love is creation and locking us into the lower vibrations of fear and hatred for our fellow man is irrelevant, because we are all an extension of the same life force experiencing itself at different points in our universal evolution. So to blame this devolution on another species is detrimental to any chance we have of surviving as a species for we are just being mirrored the darkness in ourselves and acting on the impulses which are reflected back from ourselves. If we act with duality then we get what we want and don’t want in equal proportion. Act with clarity, vision and intention then we get something else entirely. Blame could be considered one of the most ugly and cowardly human responses, projecting the problem to a place outside of our own control. Instead of taking responsibility for allowing ourselves to be manipulated by the same system we support, protect, create and contribute to.

Some believe there is a paradigm shift of consciousness coming that has been slowly building in intensity for some time now that will free earth and humanity from its prison. Even if this is true the question that has to raised is; are some of these new age philosophers any better than modern day religious prophets, waiting to be saved by a higher power and by consciously or subconsciously giving all their own power away? The point being to change the world we must first be the change. To create harmony, we must accept all the dark and light around us as a beautiful paradoxical symphony, for one cannot exist without its counterpart.

Great Men and Women have stood to forge change throughout history and although their stories have been altered to emulate the current global plan of enslavement, their legacy still remains. Let the memories of these great Men and Women and their lessons live on and educate those who wish to keep them as ghosts of our past. Let us bring their energy into the present and create a world more beautiful and peaceful than God himself could create and let the image of humanity be a catalyst for exponential universal growth.
Written by slayer69
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