Jonah Davis

He hunted  
that is what he loved  
this time,
there was a small doe  
no point in killing her really,  
except he wanted to  
he followed her with his sights  
tightening his grip on the trigger  
he smiled, the forest shook  
the birds flew and the doe lay lifeless  
he ran to his kill  
kicking it with his right foot  
she was dead  
he didn't know what to do with her  
he knew he didn't want it,  
she wasn't a prize  
but he picked her up and slung her over his shoulders  
he started walking back towards his camp  
the sun was fading  
he picked up his pace  
he started thinking about a fire  
a nice warm fire and then he thought  
for a little doe she sure is heavy  
he shifted the carcass and felt it get heavier  
the sun began to fall from the sky  
when he noticed he had been going in the wrong direction  
this had never happened to the hunter before  
if he knew anything it was his sense of direction  
"What is your name sir" the hunter looked around crazily  
"who's there" he shouted nothing, silence  
he heard the wind blow through the leaves  
and then he heard it again "your name sir, what is it?"  
the hunter turned around frantically  
looking for the source of the voice  
"it is I sir the one who hangs around your neck"  
the hunter threw the doe to the ground  
her black eyes stared at him and he saw no signs of life  
her tongue hung from her mouth, the hunter was miffed  
he looked up at the darkened sky and sat beside his kill  
no way he was making it back to his camp now,  
he was exhausted, he took his hat off and closed his eyes  
"my name is Adelpha" The hunter jumped up  
he realized the deer that lay dead on the ground was talking,  
to him, he stood there frozen in a moment of temporary insanity  
"do not be alarmed sir, I mean you no harm"  
this cant be happening thought the Hunter  
he grabbed his gun and pointed it into the night  
and then back at the deer and then at the stars  
his mind had been screwing with him all day  
hes lost in the woods with a talking dead deer  
not even Bad Bob Crazy Claw would believe this  
he held his head and looked at the deer, "speak"  
he yelled, " did I anger you sir, again I mean you no harm"  
"what do you want from me" the hunter asked  
as he pointed the gun at her head, " I want nothing from you,  
except your name sir, what is it you wanted from me?"  
"Did you kill me to feed your family?, or to keep them warm?"  
the hunter was silent he never moves his gun  
"perhaps you killed me because I was a danger to you?  
the hunter remains silent  
thunder is heard off in the distance  
they both turn there heads towards the north  
"don't worry sir the rain won't reach us, not now"  
the hunter put his finger on the trigger of his gun  
he shot her again  
Adelpha laughed well more like howled  
the hunter fell to his knees, his ears began to bleed  
his gun fell and broke  
he reached for the pieces,he whispered "impossible"  
"here, where we are, everything is possible sir"  
"shut up" he screamed "please! shut the hell up"  
the hunter held his ears and cried  
Adelpha cried with him  
weeping could be heard throughout the forest  
even the moon hung low on this night  
"sir tell me your name"  
"I will not speak to you, you are an abomination"  
"am I? or are you?"  
the hunter turned his back to the creature  
"sir, why did you kill me?"  
the hunter held his breath  
and he prayed  
Adelpha prayed with him  
get out of my head thought the hunter  
he grabbed her and slung her bleeding body over his shoulders  
he headed towards the sound of the thunder storm  
Adelpha was heavy and he felt her weight,  
like nothing he had ever felt before  
still weeping as he walked and he walked all night  
Adelpha asked him again " what is your name sir?"  
the hunter quickened his pace and she got even heavier  
he would not answer the beast, he could not answer the beast,  
as the weight became unbearable he was sinking down  
Adelpha wrapped her whole self around the hunters neck  
and in a terrible voice asked him once again  
"what is your name sir"  
choking on the words he just choked  
the hunter looked to the night sky,  
he faced Orion, the great hunter in the sky  
Irony held him momentarly  
owls began to land around him and Adelpha  
all were screeching WHOOOOOO  
wind settled in the trees and just shook  
leaves trembled with the the hunter  
the forest had turned on him.  
Adelpha and the owls were enraged by his silence  
only his weeping could be heard  
" the hunter cries, and I bleed tears"  
Adelpha loosened her hold on the hunters neck  
long enough to give him a gulp of unwanted air  
" you shall die slowly with me and together we shall rot"  
she howled and the owls took there place amongst the trees  
the wind stopped and the leaves fell silent  
"we are of the same womb Hunter, born of different mothers  
in a different time, the necessity of my death,  
where was it? why did you kill me? not for food,  
not for warmth and not for weapon, you killed me  
for sport, nothing more, my death was meaningless  
yet yours shall serve greater purpose,  
not in this world but in another, your lesson  
shall be learned through tales of agony and loss!  
I am the loss and this is your agony,  
Hunter, my brother, my killer your time has come"  
the wind picked back up and Adelpha kissed the hunters head  
clouds covered Orion, the sky now black with death  
dripped cold rain down from above,  
she forced him to take another breath  
in that breath the hunter screamed,  
and he screamed his name "JONAH DAVVVVVIIIISSSSSS"  
the owls took the echo and flew off into the night  
taking the hunters name and placing on the tree of death  
Written by nikkimoe
Published | Edited 25th Nov 2013
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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