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I’m onboard and in the dark,
Black currents shifting below.
The gloom is thick, it seems you can cut it.
Charon sees with restless eyes,
He’s the ferryman of the deathly droves.

I can hear the cries around me
All the voices say the word, “Why?”
Will I see Elysium or maybe Tartarus?
I await to be judged,
Among the other groans and sighs.

Hades spies all with his Helm of Darkness
Gripping his bident of duress.
The Lord of the Dead waits to greet me,
I will take my place with the dead.

I take my place along the Styx.
I cannot hear my cries over the others
As Charon sails off into the shadows.
In the distance, a resounding bark
Giving us dread that traps and smothers.

With the legions of the dead
You hear the sufferings of a thousand years.
(What was done cannot be undone.)
Down in the dark confines
You experience terrors of a thousand fears.
(Cannot fight, you cannot run.)

A three-headed beast looms
Before the thrones of the fallen kings.
Judgment waits for the host of dead.
Will you suffer or be offer reward,
Or simply feel Cerberus’ sting.

As I stand
Before Minos,
He glares at me
With phantom eyes.
He is cruel,
Evil and unfair.
And he judges me.

      What will be?
      What shall become
      Of me? If
      I could breathe I
      Would hold my
      Breath. Nerves undone
      By those eyes.
      Fleshless fingers
      Point at me
      And condemn me
      The pits of

Into the void, I am tossed
Screaming, I fall for eternity
The blackness surrounds me
Crimes of life flash before my eyes,
If only I could be free.

Into shrouded obsidian I smash,
The jagged rocks pierce my ghostly flesh.
Pain wracks my dead body
I cough up necro ichor.
But I cannot die again, such is my wish.

      But things move
      In the dark here.
      Slither around
      Me while some
      Thing else hisses
      Venom in
      The air before
      Me. Glowing red
      Eyes see through
      My soul. Titans
      Surround me.
      And welcome
      Me to the pit.

Written by HadesRising
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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