The Mossi part2: Dark Reckoning (A collaboration of Naajir, poetikmind, n Disdain)

~this is the second part in a three part story, the first
in response to the original story by a poetess named Chocolate flower
the first part written by Naajir, this one by me, n the third will be by the poet
Disdain...where you will find the conclusion~

It has been a very surprisingly warm day
that's quickly falling into an equally warm evening,
but standing there in the state cemetery more aptly
known as 'The Auditorium'
a lone figure stands by stoically.
Waiting...He's awaiting the arrival
of his comrades in blood, destruction,
absolution and total annihilation of life.
They are comprised of a group
3, all part of an entity called Mossi.

His name is Shadow...formerly,
Denton Slaughter-yet that now is
an identity that's foreign to him,
much like the warmth he used to know
that permeated his being. He stands
now piercingly ice cold, cold to the touch,
cold in the soul, cold, barren in the eyes.
He is walking dead, yet
alive for one purpose only-absolve
his soul from the eternal  hell it knows

Shadow, reaches inside his three quarters
length coat to grab an enevelop, opens it and reads the
information within: " your mark
has recently been spotted in
an around an area in upper west Manhatten,
she's always meticulously aware of her surroundings,
and will be very hard to catch unaware-
but has one weakness and that is a desire to
obtain the rarest of paintings
so her stomping grounds are
art galleries." "Find them in within
one of those you will undoubtly
find her."

He examines a recent photo of her
and scales along the surface of it
across her eyes, as black as night
much like his own, devoid of anything
soulless, his runs his fingers slowly
back forth across her neck, oh how
the urge eats at him to wrap steely
fingers tightly around the esophagus
and squeeze til he can feel each and
every bone crumble, slowly, the eyes
protrude from the head, the spit dribble
out the sides of the mouth.
He squishes the photograph up
into a golfball sized clump,  and shoves
it back into his coat.

Now, after an hour or so passes of which he never notices,
he reached inside his pocket for a smart tablet
and begins to construct a detailed
plan for his ally, one known as the
Fox, to locate and expire, his most
hated foe. Knowing it takes at him
more so, because he desired badly
to be the one to feel her life ebb away
torturously slow, as she'd beg dearly
for her despicable life. Yet, The Mossi wishes it not,
for whatever purposes other than his personal
desires he begrudgingly, abstains.

Now, as if from out of nowhere
he looks westward as observes
an intentful figure approaching,
it is his brother in blood, Fox
and he will now be passed the info
that will carry out a plan to rid
the 'Spokesman'-Cyrus, of an
Irritant, long bothering him.

After a brotherly hug and briefing,
the two depart The Auditorium
in separate directions, but with
the same objectives...
Written by Poetikmind (_---_)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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