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Image for the poem The Jotunn, Sons of Muspelheim, (Episode 3, Part of the ongoing Saga of Surtr).

The Jotunn, Sons of Muspelheim, (Episode 3, Part of the ongoing Saga of Surtr).

"And they had a king over them,

which is the angel of the

bottomless pit, whose name in

the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon,

but in the Greek tongue hath

his name Apollyon," (Revelation 9:11)

"Surtr," in the, "Norse Mythological,"


I, "Surtr," "Guardian," of the realm of

"Muspel," stand in the field that is

stretched-out before it

I will lead its sons the, "Jotuns," in

to this dark fore-boding abyss

They will be clothed w/ me and my name/identity

will be in their fore-heads

They will look like the pestilent locust that

goes forth to consume

My appearance: a fierce countenance

but down-cast, my dark aura surrounds them and

ashen skin

They are no longer, "Metaphysically," considered

the being: man

For they have descended even from that realm

They will have my golden crown upon their head

which associates me w/ them

Hair will they have like women, not literal,

(symbolic of having a power over you; they will

no longer have power over their own bodies and

will be given-over wholly to this, "Surtr," being),

Their teeth will be like unto lions cause they will

go forth consuming everything that stands before

them: beasts they will be

Their chests will be as an breastplate of iron so

that none can resist them

They will have wings by which they are carried by

my winds, winds that carry them forth unto my

battle by which I will be sated

There are thousands-thousands of them so that the

earth will quake like the sound of horse running

to battle

Before them all will perish

My, "BRIGHT SWORD," which I carry to bring thousands

to death, my power will be fire that I call down from

heaven before these, "Jotunn

In the midst of this clash and din the heavens are

rent in twain, and the sons of Muspell come riding

through the opening, Surtr rides first, and before

him and after him flames burning fire he has a very

good sword, (Effective in Destruction ("WHICH SHINES


as they ride over Bifrost it breaks to pieces, as has

before been stated, the sons of Muspel direct their

course to the plain which is called Vigrid.... The

sons of Muspel have there effulgent bands alone by


This that I'm about to show is mind-blowing, read on:

The etymology of "Muspelheim" is uncertain, but may come from Mund-spilli, "world-destroyers," "wreck of the world

When a light, ("BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN,") burst on the New

Mexico desert before dawn on July 16 1945, Robert Oppenheimer,

director of the pioneering effort to build the atomic bomb,

famously quoted Hindu scripture: "Now I am become death, the

destroyer of worlds."

For half a century since Trinity, the first nuclear test,

mankind has lived w/ the thought that Armageddon/Ragnarok

is no longer mere Biblical/Norwegian symbolism

"Surtr," has a very good sword, "Which Shines Brighter than

the Sun

A light shining brighter than the sun, ("Nuclear Blast"),

burst on the New Mexico desert July 16, 1945

Robert Oppenheimer quoted, "Now I am become death, destroyer

of worlds

"Muspelheim," "World-destroyers," "Wreck of the World,"

Is this all ironic or have we had two, "That I see so far,"

"Oracles," speak and do now see?

"Surtr," guardian/King over them is upon us

He are we, we are he

But the end is not yet; the sons of, "Muspel," are now alone

in the plain called, "Vigrid,"/"Megiddo w/ their bands/companies

effulgently celebrating in their victory but chaos is about to

Written by hungrypan74 (Dantalyon)
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