never die

Iíve been murdering the songs of yesterday
trying to leave you behind
and erase the ghosts from the lyrics
that speak your name in undertones
of beauty and pain

Because muses donít last forever
and all my love and misplaced adoration
could never have made you stay
when weíve always been running in the wrong direction
and I couldnít pin you to a board like a deceased butterfly
so that I might gaze upon and draw the beauty from your bones
and call it art

Thereís a sadness in my smile
and a joy in my tears that fall like drops of rainbow
between me and the angel light that was you

Iíve always known I couldnít cage things that were free
but it never stopped me trying to bottle sunlight
or capture the sunset in inadequate photography
my heart pressed like a flower between two books
while I try to find the reason it hurts

Iíve been murdering the songs of yesterday
letting go in words and tears and music so deep
it makes my soul scream to be released
because youíre there in the melody between the words
despite the fact I havenít written about you in months
and my dreams are no longer haunted by the angles
of your face

I canít forget the highest high in the lowest lows
of tidal wave creations where I drowned between the words
and the emotions to be resurrected an artist
writing you anonymously into history

Iíve been murdering the songs of yesterdayÖ

Between the wordsÖ

Muses never die

© Indie Adams 2013
Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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