They Call me Princess (part 12)

Sophia wakes alone to an empty room and ruffled bed. The smell of sex lays thick in the air. Reminding her of her failed attempt to pursue princess to stay. Chills run up her spine and as she rubs her arms all she can think is. "Will she remain mine."

Princess doesn't remember sex with a man being this good. But then again peter isn't just any man. Hes considerate and passionate when he makes love. Each thrust is measured, he takes his time to explore the dips and curves of her body. Acting as If I her body is his canvas he uses his fingers to trace designs against her back. Slowly he pushes deeper rubbing against her inner walls. Pleasure rakes her entire body. Leaning back he falls over her and she wraps her legs around his waist holding on. Putting her hands above her head she fist the covers and lets out a quiet moan. Grunting into her neck peter says;
" I almost forgot how good this felt."
 "So did I"." She groaned while arching beneath him.
" Your body is beautiful soft and pliant beneath me."
 " God your to sweet just..shut up and kiss me."
With that said he did just that but this time she met him thrust for thrust his body matched hers in a fast tempo while there tongues were slow and steady. Sweat slicked bodies moved against each other. But right when her lips formed an o and her head fell farther back peter did something that ...touched her deeply. He reached up over her body taking both of her hands in his twining there fingers. Then pulling there combined hands toward his heart he held them there until the last wave shook both of there bodies only then did he stop and let her tight warm body milk him dry.

A few moments later they both came to there senses. Princess fighting back old emotions and peter well peter falling once again in love with the wrong girl. They both knew what they were getting there selves into yet they continued to stay in bed wrapped in the warmth of one another's body. Reminiscing and catching up on all they have missed not as old lovers but as old friends.

What They Didn't Know

Sophia stood only inches away from the cracked door. She couldn't believe what she saw. Princess and Mr. Woods  were wrapped in each others arms with pleasant grins on there faces. Sophia knew that look because that's how she looked after every time they made love.
"Could she really have enjoyed it only mere hours after they made love?!"
Better yet Sophia questioned herself; " Could she really stay after this?!"
Reaching for the knob Sophia trys to close the door but lost in her own thoughts a hand stops her.
Looking up from a pair of masculine feet. She finds a very upset Mr.Woods.
" How long have you been there."
 "Long wonder if this is how you treat all of your guest."
"I don't believe what me and princess here do is any of your concern."
 "Yes,Well that is where you are sadly mistaken."
Raising an eyebrow he snickers "Pardon me?"
"Princess is my every concern."
  "I'm not sure I understand what your saying miss."
"What I'm saying sir is-" Before she went any further princess gladly spoke forward..From the bed.

"Darling what she means is she is only concerned about my well being see Sophie here is a little sensitive after our last um incident."
False understanding crosses his face and he frowns. Turning towards princess for an explanation.
"Ah yes your speaking of Mr. Winsten?"
  "Yes dear that is why she has been so defensive."
Turning his head to looking once again back at Sophia he narrows his eyes.
"Ahh Well you have nothing to worry about your friend is in good hands everything we have done has been mutual never do I ever treat a women badly in such circumstances."
Realizing she has lost before she has even begin, Sophia peaks around Mr. Woods shoulder to princess observing her disheveled state and sighs.
 "Well then I will leave you two to finish forget I ever interrupted."
Turning to walk away she feels a hand land on her shoulder stopping her. " One quick bit, I don't take kindly to nosy people you are a guest here so it would be wise to remember that."
"It would also be wise for you to know I am a dangerous women and I don't take kindly to threats."
With that said she puffs out her chest and goes in search of some breakfast and coffee where she can let her tears devolve with the rising sun.
Surprise Guest

Sitting in the dining room Sophia, princess, and peter much on toast and discuss weather that is until Henry the doorman notifies Mr.Woods of a surprise guest. Waving his arm a grinning Mr. Winsten enters the room.
"Hello Peter it I was just passing the countryside and It seems we have yet had a family reunion."
Wiping his mouth with a silk napkin Mr.Woods smiles and warmly says.
"I do believe your right, sit its time we catch up on a few things."


*Stay tuned things are fin to get spicy*
Written by Jasmine05 (Firebird)
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