Good man meets madman

Read this first
This I'm calling this doublethought. These are two completely different thoughts going on at the exact same time. Hit play then read the poem inside your head at a medium pace. Don't stop reading what ever you hear going on. Go ahead and play now
It,s 5 o'clock on a Tuesday
I am on my usual bar stool
Always positioned strategically
With a reflected view
So I could observe everyone
Who walked through the entrance  
Observing but never being observed
I heard that door squeak a million times
The girls night out squeak
The quick beer pop in squeak
The alcoholic desperation squeak
But,this one froze my spine cold
This my survival instincts told me  
was the squeak of your pure death
Instantaneously I became hyper aware
the sink dripped, a fly buzzed the light bulb
A Kicked chair, every conversation taking place
I understood with perfect clarity
That's when I saw his evil eyes
Blackened with cold hearted intent
I looked around  
Desperately searching
to see if anyone else had noticed
The oddness of this man's presence
Like an albino walking on the beach
But, not a glance was given
I never felt so alone
Maybe I was imagining this
Maybe my instincts were wrong
Then under his breath he whispered
A sinister whisper
I couldn't quite make out
He wore a long trench coat
That had a unusual flow to it
And made sound of metal
Tubes bouncing into each other
All fears were realized
When I looked down to his feet
And saw two sticks of dynamite
Strapped to his legs
With a wire leading to a detonator  
pinned to his chest
His movements became more erratic
Deranged not knowing where to go
At the end of the bar  
a woman gave me  
the "this is fucked up"look
 confirming what I had to do
The owner kept a shotgun  
below the register  
Without hesitation  
I climbed below the bar  
removed the safety  
Took aim and Fired
Written by Deathpuppy
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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