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They call me Princess (part 11)

Sophia watches Princess and Mr.woods enjoying a late horseback ride from the library window her fingers thrum against the cold glass doing nothing to cool the anger that boils in the pit of her stomach. Leaving her heated and oppressed with emotions.

Bittersweet Memories

Princess holds on tight to her reins in fear that she might fall off she has never laughed so hard before. Tears leak from both eyes and her breath comes short.

"Oh but the look on her face."
 "Ahh yes we were always stirring up trouble weren't we?"
"Indeed, Peter I never apologized for.."
 "Princess there is no need for that it is in the past, we must look forward now."
"I have to tell you something I know its the past but..''
Pulling on the reins he comes to a stop waiting for her to do the same.
 "well what it is?"
"Mistress kicked you out because of me It was many years ago but you were very kind to me and I know its my duty to make this up to you ..Your doing so much for me and Sophia. We have nothing to give you in return."
 " Having you here is reward enough."
"No I told you last night I ..I want to remember..."
 "Remember?" He thinks
Recognition hits and takes peter a back, of course he planned on  taking her again but not until he wooed her at least Maybe I came off wrong the other night
" Tonight." She finished
Without another word they returned to the stables and went to there private chambers for a bath. Princess already convinced this is whats right. And peter well peter is still lost in his own thoughts..but no longer are they on the past.
Pleasant Reminder

Princess relaxes in a body of warm water while Sophia washes her golden mane. Taking her time to feel the strands move through her fingers. Sophia smiles and plants a kiss on her upturned head.

"All this hair feels so good between my fingers."
 "Yes well your fingers feel so good against my scalp."
" Almost Like Rapunzel with all her long golden curls."
 "ah yes well then where is my prince the one who rescues me from my tower?!" She giggles
Sighing Sophia says; " Prob waiting in his bed."
"Don't..please I know this does not sit fare with you but I'm doing this for us."
 "Are you sure its really us your concerned about or you."
Princess quickly stands, water splashing over the tub as she climbs out not caring. Without a word she walks to the door that joins there rooms and enters her own hastily grabbing a towel of her stand and hastily drying herself. Her hair hangs in a messy distress. Sticking to her back,arms, and face. Snatching a wooden brush off her bedside table she begins to brush biting her lip to keep heated words from rolling out. Sophia stands between both rooms in the doorjamb watching her rushed antics. Noticing the liquid in her eyes and the red that warms her cheeks she realizes she has hurt her.

"I shouldn't have said that."
Still silence the only sound is the whoosh of the brush as she combs through strands of wet tangles.
"Love I didn't mean it I'm sorry Its just..."
Turning princess throws down the brush and flops onto a small bench in front of her dressing mirror pinning her hair in piles atop her head. Looking at Sophia in her reflection.
 "Its just what hmm? you obviously think I'm selfish that everything I did everything I am doing is for my own benefit."
Walking up to princess, Sophia places her hands on both shoulders before she speaks.
" I had to share you once..but I'm afraid you might like his touch more than mine."
Taking both hands she trails them over her shoulders down to her breast cupping them. Princesses nipples instantly grow hard. And she hears that small intake. Bending Sophia places a kiss to the back of her neck and whispers.
" What if his touch doesn't send chills up your back line mine do?"
Without waiting for an answer she strokes the skin beneath her palms taking both of the twin peaks and lightly pinching them. Loving the sound of her lovers quiet moan as it fills the room.
"Don't...Peters waiting."
Ignoring her comment/plead Sophia continues her taunting.
Scratching her nails up and down princesses stomach as her teeth nibble on her collarbone.
Turning her Sophia grabs princess by the hair rougher than usual and groans; " Hecan wait." before she ravishes her lovers mouth first teasing her bottom lip then pulling it with her teeth only to tease her tongue into her sighing mouth. While there tongues danced there body's tangled. Sophia was soon ordering demands.
"Open your legs ...yes like that..wider."
"God your so wet for me..I bet he wont make this wet."
"No don't get upset your body's agreeing your so tight around my fingers."
 "Please ..So..So..Sophia."
Princess thrashed against her seat while Sophia remained on her knees stroking her lover senseless.
"You come when Im ready for you to come understood..your body is mine and your body will heed my desires/commands."
 "Pleaaase". She wailed arching into her touch.
Smiling Sophia knows shes close. She can see it in the way her muscles clutch at her fingers and her thighs shake. Her chest and face are turning red from restraint and sweat gleams against her tan skin.
Popping her breast out of her mouth Sophia says."Tell me one thing first and I want you to scream it only then will I let you cum."
Stroking her outer lips now Sophia takes one of her breast into her mouth sucking her nipple hard. Wanting to leave a bruise. A reminder.
 " WHAT tell me ...PlEASE!"
"Tell me Its only me always me you want. Tell me only I can make you feel this way. Only I am worthy of your pleasure."
Moving her fingers a fraction she picks up her pace but avoids her clit knowing it will only take one stroke. Her left hand holds her hip down. while her right continues to tease.
" you..always..I -love- you!!!"
With those words she sunk further down this time on all fours only using one hand to grab princesses ass and pull her closer she takes one lick right up her liquid core then sucks that special nub deep and hard. Princess lets out a hurdling scream as her entire body tenses her legs wrap tighter around Sophia's shoulders as her toes curl. Soon shes leaning forward. Panting yet completely sated.
Sophia rest her head on her right thigh taking in the moment she doesn't even here herself say "Don't go ...Stay."
Princess is still unwinding from her earth shattering climax and doesn't hear Sophia's plea. Eventually she cleans herself up in silence and lays with her lover until she falls asleep. Only then does she tip toe out the door blowing the candle out leaving Sophie alone in her own bed.

SNEAK PEAK of part 12

-Peters bed
-waking up alone

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