They Call me Princess (part 10)

Sophia sits on the couch twiddling her thumbs and biting back what she really wants to say. Waiting for some kind of introduction.
Morning After- Introductions

princess walks in smiling with a tray of tea and three cups.
" Oh I would much prefer a brandy instead of tea dear."
  " But it is only half past noon."
" Ah yes I am aware."
Without another word she walks to a glass cabinet and pulls out a small container gently placing two fingers into a glass and pouring. Walking back she takes a seat not next to Sophia but besides the gentlemen placing his glass into his hands and pouring first Sophia then herself a cup of tea. Quietly Sophia thanks princess and sips from her cup looking over the rim at the stranger and her lover as they stare at each other in silence.
Princess notes Sophia's strange behavior and decides its time for them to become better aquented. Clearing her throat she pronounces.

"Sophia this is Parker Woods, Parker meet Sophia my friend."
Just Sophia nothing more she thinks as she nods in his direction...
 " What a beautiful name but not as beautiful as the goddess that sits before me.
Ignoring the cheeky compliment Sophia stands and brushes her skirts down before saying.
" I don't want to come off as rude but why exactly did you decide to let me and princess stay here Mr.Woods?"
 " Please call me Parker, after all I am an old friend and to answer your question Sophie I owe Princess here a favor as does she."
Crossing her hands over her chest she raises and eyebrow at Princess. Waiting. But no answer comes. So Peter decides to speak up.
 "Well I see that um you two have yet to discuss things so I shall go for a morning ride and feel free to join me if you would like. The maids will cater to your every need."
Smiling he stands first facing Sophia and quickly bowing before turning toward princess and laying a kiss upon her cheek then her lips. While whispering a farewell. Once the doors to the sitting room shut and they are alone. Sophia takes this as her chance to speak her mind.****************************************************************************************************************************

"So I'm just a friend ..nothing more?"
Rolling her eyes Princess reply's
 "You know your more than that."
"Yes but that is not what I meant and you know it."
On a heavy sigh she says;
 " What did you want me to say that you were my lover pssh come on that was not an option."
  " Since when do you care what others would think."
"Since I decided to change my life , OUR life."
  " And how exactly is our lives changing were going from one mans whore to another mans this time imprisoned in his home instead of our own."
" Sophia you don't have to do anything you don't want to I have already talked to Parker and we have came to an agreement."
Not liking the sound of where this is going Sophia turns her back on Princess for the first time and mutters;
 "What is this agreement?"
" We agreed that only I would have to share his bed."
Fighting back tears Sophia's eyes grow warm.
  " What Kind of a friend makes another friend pay for living expenses with her body?!"
"The kind who used to be in love with me."
Sophia feels her legs begin to shake and her lips tremble.Love?
 " I don't understand your not telling me everything."
Sophia feels Princess slide her hands up her back then back down to encircle her waist. Resting her head in the crook of her neck she plants a kiss against her skin before speaking.
" Parker used to work for mistress he worked the chimneys when we met before mistress moved him to the stables, he taught me how to ride took me on secret lessons late at night read to me after my customers left I taught him how to read you know. Then one night the night I lost my virginity was the same night mistress kicked him out see we had a gentlemen who was going to pay a shiny penny for that Jewl between my thighs. Anyways Parker ruined that and it was my fault he got kicked out so in the morning to my surprise I found him in the garden waiting for me he told me he was not angry with me that he planned on leaving. But he wanted me to come with him. I refused of course but only out of fear. But instead of being hurt he told me I would owe him because one day I would need him as much as he needed me and when that day came he would be waiting. As years went by we lost touch until I met one of his friends who decided to spill some information after a night in my bed."
Not knowing exactly what to say what to feel Sophia let her head drop.
"Sophie, love you know I love you that this whatever Parker wants will never equal or come close to what we have."
Reaching down Sophia shoves princesses hands off her waist and turns around.
" That does not mean I will want you in his bed, don't do this to us we can figure out another way to survive this."
 " We don't have any other option."
"He still loves you princess."
 " Its just another customer,this time just someone who shares a past."  
" Not to me."
Taking Sophia's face in her hands nose to nose they touch."Trust me" she whispers.  
 "Its not you I don't trust."
Kissing her tear streaked cheeks princess mutters two words
"I Know".

*Stay Tuned*
-Sophia battles jealousy
-Princess fights the past
-Parker takes a turn

* Sophia is torn and can do nothing but stand aside. Princess notices changes but refuses to comfort Sophia any further. And Parker holds a few cards up his sleeve.

* Can love really conquer all?

Find out in the chapters to come
Written by Jasmine05 (Firebird)
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