Fuck The Norm

I write this piece in protest to those who
Suggest that I tune into the local
Programming and live a life that's
Considered routine and formal

Worship a manufactured god,bleed me
Through taxes,retire me at sixty somethin
And sit back and wait to die is what
They claim as being normal

Nah yellow brick road for me
'cause I'm steppin off into the forbidden
Forest and I'm gonna spark n blaze my
Own trail

Illuminate my own path with the fire of
My uncanny desires which pour from a
Place I store deep down within my own
Wholly grail

Roaming through the wildness of thought
And tip toeing on the edge of the
Unexpected always keeping my
Awareness open to a random universe

Engaging altered states while I meditate
With my mind clicking from channel to
Infinite channel with no numbers to tell
Me what came last or what came first

If I sound like Charlie Brown's teacher to
You it's only because I'm speaking in
Braille so pardon me if you can't feel and
Flow with my vibe

This message is intended for the kindred
Spirits that are in tune to hear it for
These brothers and sisters come from
The same abstract tribe

So hop on the back of my untamed verbs
And hold tight while my verses buck like
A bull for sixty seconds against this
Onslaught of conformity

As the brainwashed are put in spin cycle
And hung out to dry over that pond of
Purgatory with their senses numb to
Creation's enormity

Unaware or without a care that the
Thought police is performing a global
Mental vasectomy throwing the
Collective into one grand melting pot

Because they live in perpetual fear of the
Two words that will free anyone who
Dare to invoke and instill them into their
Souls and these words are...WHY NOT?!

Why not take that risk and walk that line
On the boarder of genius and insanity
And unlock the mysteries that lay hidden
Somewhere in between?

I mean if we are only using ten percent
Of our brains then that can only mean
Ninety percent of our universe remains
Untapped and unseen

So that makes ninety percent of the lives
We live now pure bullshit..I know you can
Feel it...that's why I say here and
Now..fuck the norm!!

As I embrace that brainstorm becoming
A cozmik surfer on the rings of Saturn
And bearing witness to the beginning of
My new astral shape as it takes form

Forming new thoughts that will scratch
The surface of my consciousness with
Better questions and peel back the veil
Of my true memories

Yeah more yellow brick road for
Me...I gotta spark n blaze..'cause I'm
Sick and tired of listening to this man go on
N on about his stories..
Written by Naajir
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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