They Call me Princess (part 9)

What do you mean they are gone?! Mr. Winsten yells pacing the tight confines of Princesses bedroom.
  " There is nothing I can do I should have known I mean after last night."
Confused Mr.Winsten snares; "Last night...what the hell happened last night ?!"
Choosing her words wisely she reply's "Princess did not agree with your terms and wanted to resign the contract."
  "What exactly did she disagree on?"
"Well were a bit too rough Sir."
  "But I didn't even...Oh its her little slut."
"No no I can assure you they both adored you they just.."
  "Stop making excuses Im going to ask you this and only once so listen carefully, Did you say anything that would make her think this was acceptable?"
  Looking down in shame she shakes her head and says;" I told her to get out but I didn't think she would really leave."
Laughing and flexing his fingers he bites his fist and turns away from her whispering in a dangerous tone. " Our contract did not consist of a limited amount of days if it did I would have not paid such a pretty penny."
 "I know sir and trust me I will find them and when I do they will.."
  Turning he grabs her by the shoulders and yells "STOP"
" I will find her and her lover and when I do they will regret ever leaving."
  " Now look here you will not hurt my girls!"
Leaning closer he snickers " Or what you will have me shackled ha I own half this town and If I wanted to I could have you shut down."
Swallowing past the hard lump in her throat mistress nods.

Old Friend

"Thank you for helping me on such short notice."
  " I owe you more and you know it."
"you owe me nothing that is what I know."
  "How is Sophia?"
" A maid helped me carry her upstairs, shes soaking in a bath this journey has been tiring."
  "Would you like me to guide you to your chambers so you can rest also."
   "Would you be upset if I said yes."
"No we have plenty of time to discuss things tomorrow."
Offering his arm princess takes it as he guides her out of her room and into her private chamber. She noticed his room was directly across from hers. But didn't ask why because she already knew. Nothing comes free.


"I don't trust this." Sophia pleads to princess.
  "This is better than leaving you at the risk of his hands."
"Yes but only to throw us into another mans hands."
Turning her face from Princess Sophia bites her bottom lip and clutches the feather pillow beneath her head as she feels her shift moving up her bare legs and over her bottom. Air kisses her skin and small pricks of pain lick up and down her backside.
"He will be kind, I owe him my life and yours."
  " And how do you know this."
Rubbing her fingertips lightly across the scars and sores that decorate Sophia's bottom princess sighs.
"He was my first and he was the only man who treated me with respect I would have never knew what it was if it weren't for him."
   " I don't know how to feel."
"Then don't feel anything just rest."
  "I cannot rest." She whispers
Concerned princess ask; "Are you still in pain do you need more ointment?"
  "No I'm still sore but I just need..I want."
 "I don't want to hurt you."
Slowly getting up Sophia slides the rest of her shift up and over her body. Shyly she clutches princesses hand and leans toward her and they kiss for the first time in a week. Both of them devouring each other. Only breaking apart for small breaths.
 "Ok..Just lets go slow, lay on your stomach let me sooth you."
Letting her body guide her Sophia lays on her stomach and spreads her thighs. Resting her arms at her sides.
Princess looms over her now both naked and wet from desire. She Kisses Sophia s inner thighs making her way up and over her two twin cheeks. Soothing each mark with her wet tongue. Her tears mix in with the sweat glistening on her lovers lower back. When she makes her way to her shoulders she leans her right hand against her lower back and says; " Tonight I want the pleasure of your moans your throaty pleads let them fill my ears as you feel my mouth my hands."
Moaning into her pillow Sophia arches into the bed. Princess lets her hands massage the stress from her shoulders and her neck letting her nails slightly scratch. Until she reaches her pale buttocks before her mind turns back to anger she thinks only of the pink flesh that lays open and glistening in front of her eyes. Trailing her left hand down the crest of Princesses ass she finds her wet and dripping core. Sinking to fingers deep she strokes slightly waiting to hear that throaty demand.
Pressing her right hand firm against Sophia's shoulder once again she holds her down gently while her other hand teases her to climax. Her scent surrounds them and princess inhales deeply. Not wanting to move she lets her fingers slip from the tight , sweet confines of her lovers sated body. And brings them to her lips.
"MMM...You taste so sweet."
Trying to turn Sophia flips princess onto her back and bites her neck.
"My turn."
 "No I don't want you to be in pain later."
" I wont and I want to taste you to."
Wrapping her arms around her she says against her hair.
"Sleep and worry about me later."
Written by Jasmine05 (Firebird)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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