They Call me Princess (part 8)

Princesses strides are long and quick as she makes her way down the dimly lit halls to the Mistresses private chambers. On arrival at her door she stares at her shaking hand as it hovers above the shiny knob. Taking a deep breath she swallows her anger and replaces it with pride.
Walking in unannounced she watches the mistress comb her hair. Slowly/calmly  mistress turns and waves a hand signaling her to sit, as if she were expecting a visit from her.
Mother Dearest

"There is nothing I can do, you signed a contract and so did I." Mistress says.
   "The contract did not say that he could abuse us Mistress."
"No but the contract was a binding you and Sophia gave up your rights knowing that.
"But if I , we were to know this then I would have refused."
   "REFUSED! Pshh you had no choice and you know it." Mistress bellows.
" What happened to you, you were like a mother to me and now I am nothing but your token!"
Laying her brush on the marble table top she sighs and reaches for princesses hand trying to look concerned. " What happened to me is what happened to you I did not choose this life for it is not an easy one but I do what I know I have to."
 " Even this, giving a man power over something that should be a gift just because he pays for the rings on your fat fingers!" She tried to control her temper but she was done pleading. She would have said more if she did not feel the harsh palm to her head as the mistress slapped her.
"He is your GIFT you fool heis what keeps you alive he is what keeps your precious lover from getting sold yet to another home."
Taking a moment to register what just happened what was just said she stands and looks mistress in the eyes. Tears streak down her burning cheeks but it no longer shames her.
"Don't look at me like that princess I'm not blind the whole house knows that you and Sophia have been seeing each other."
 " I will not let him hurt her."
"Then if that is how you feel you can pack your bags and leave, you may think me cruel child but I have been the one to feed your mouth I have been the one to raise you. She has not and Im sure Mr. Winsten will find some other way for you to meet his terms."
  " I will not part from her I will not leave her to the hands of that MONSTER"!
"Then fix yourself and remember who your talking to child."
  " If only I could forget....Mother."

Making a Decision

Ink stained fingers scribble across smooth paper. Princess has made her decision. She will be going but she will not be leaving Sophia behind. Tomorrow morning she will run away leaving everything but a few necessities behind. It will be a long journey but she will make a home for herself and for her heart. She will protect her love and she will never ...ever have to sale herself again. Folding her letter into a neat square she pushes it into an envelope and lets the candle wax drip creating a seal. Pressing it to her lips she says a prayer.
" It has been a long time friend but please erase these fears."


So princess has a old friend/lover? who she has propositioned to help her and Sophia escape. But trouble will come there way. Because Sometimes it storms in Paradise.

*More steamy flesh melting love scenes to come.
*Adventure and betrayal
*Possibly death

BTW: Trying to improve my writing skills and grammar ...Don't ride my ass lol
Written by Jasmine05 (Firebird)
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