The Blade of Vengeance

With unforgiving words, down to the barest of bone, you slashed!
Depriving my elated soul from its now lifeless corpse, leaving deep, bloody gashes
Due to the cruelty you crafted, I am left forsaken evermore
From your harsh tongue and cruel hands, I repeatedly receive a thousand angry lashes

Both visible and hidden scars mark my body proportionately
Through them, you sign your dirty, obscene, offensive, and immoral name to my once pure flesh
My virtue, you stole, and my body's skin is thickly coated with unwashable grime
I am a stained, tainted, decaying cadaver who is far from being originally fresh

Why is it that you had to hurt me, damage me, and ruin me for anyone else?!
I gave you my heart, handed you the illusory knife, and allowed you to break me down
The trust I had in you was ignorance, because it led to the fatality of my very essence
For this reason, I will no longer let you look at me in disgust, mock me, and be the one to receive your torment as you wear the fictional crown

Boiling blood flows rapidly through my body's veins
Streaming with anger, the bitter rage will escape momentarily
This is the last time my glistening eyes shed broken drops and cause cascading rains
I will walk with a head held high, look beyond, and stare into the heart of a different sea

As Fury and Wrath take over the body and mind, I slice his throat with the Blade of Vengeance
It is your turn to feel the agonizing sting of absolute loathing and detestation!!!
Allow me to cheerfully take this sharp blade and precisely strip your skin layer by layer
I will leave nothing left of the man that cut me so raw to the core, for I no longer feel even an ounce of compassion
Written by xXJezzzikahDawnXx (Jessica Dawn)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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