Make Her Beg for Mercy (part 2)

You pounded her ass into the hot, wet sand,
uncaring as to whether it'd been planned.
Her screams for mercy, and cries of pleasure,
they made you want to add even more pressure.
So you fucked that bitch until she cried no more.
Then, and only then, did she truly become your whore.

Since your friends were nowhere to be seen,
she was yours, and only yours,
and soon, she would cream on you,
just like you wanted the bitch to.
Her cunt and her tits were setting you ablaze
and now, what you wanted was to fuck her face.

She was splayed about the beach, with no way of escape,
so you sat on the bitch's chest, shoving your dick into her mouth,
as you knew that she couldn't stop you, that puny, scrawny slut...
she would have to take it, and be the whore she was.
Her feelings meant nothing to you,
and your dick was the only thing that mattered.
Soon, her face would be sprayed with cum,
and there was nothing she could do about it.
You whispered in her ear, harsh words to hear,
"Bitch, you're mine... and you ain't getting away!
You should just enjoy this, because you have to stay!"

You smacked her in the face with your stick of meat,
and put her in her place, and made her have her treat,
so that you could cum in her fucking mouth,
and make her do what you wanted, before you fucked her south,
and everything that went on made you feel amazing,
because she was the slut, and you were the master,
and you wouldn't let her get away with such a sweet, delicate cunt.

You knew she fucking loved it, through the tears in her eyes,
and you knew she would never have her v-card again,
which made you feel all the more like you were truly wise,
because a slut like this one can't go to waste,
no matter how many times you have to put her in her place.
Then came an idea to make her do your bidding.
You asked her with no intention of letting her go,
"Do you want to leave? Or do you want to stay?"

For a moment, she appeared to hesitate,
but when she answered, she said, "No" with tears in her eyes,
so you continued pounding that sweetie into the sand,
not caring about what she'd just said, because you loved this,
and nothing would stop it, not even a beautiful bitch,
which made you feel all powerful, and in command,
fucking that sweet cunt so deep into the gritty sand.

But in the end, it was all perfect for you.
She walked home with no dignity, feeling deprived,
having not really known you, the shit that you could do to her,
but now, you had done it, and she couldn't turn back time.
You had made her yours, and soon enough, you'd fuck her some more.
Written by wickedbillie
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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