She's pure fire
Go talk to her and get to know her

Shes probably way out of you're league Z...dont do it

She keeps looking your way dude, go!
And she has those icy blue eyes!
You know you love the icy blue eyes man

What I said before
Dont be stupid man
Remember what happened last time?
Of course you do
So dont do it

Listen up "BLacc Zacc"
You are gonna go over there
And you're gonna tell her how you feel
A small compliment wont hurt man

Yes it will
As will a medium one and a large one
Dont get rejected again
She probably has a boyfriend anyway

She wouldnt be looking sideways
At that fresh cut and slick outfit bro
If she did have one
Go make your move!

So you brushed ur hair...pfft big deal
And you washed ur clothes...
Bigger deal...
Your arms are ashy anyway
Because you forgot to lotion before you left
You're looking to get told off

Forget that!
You are gonna get told on
Just relax and...oh!
Shes walking over here

Walk the other way

Break a leg bro!


Her: Excuse me
Me: Your beautiful

Strike one dunce

Take your time got this

Her: Umm Thankyou!
Me: ...Your welcome
Her: Do you know the way to the airport?
Me: Sure its down this way and to the left all the way down...doing some fine vacation huh?
Her: No...I'm going to a funeral

Strike two you ass...theres no chance now

Be cool B.Z...keep at it...

Me: I apologize
Her: Its fine...lots of people confuse the two
Me: Well i hope your family and spouse can comfort you to the highest hights
Her: Im sure they will but I dont have a spouse

Jackpot!! Go for it!

Just leave her be and walk away

Me: Could I be your spouse? No im just kidding...
Her: No...I'm not looking to date after he's just died!

Way to go dumb fuck...I fuckin told you!

Zacc...I'm so sorry...

Me: Jeez I'm so sorry Miss...good luck with everything *prepares to walk away*
Her: But you can be the one who brings me a smile through my troubles.



Her: You seem like such a funny sweet guy. Take my number. Maybe we'll be good friends soon?
Me: Uh...I-I'd like that. Thankyou miss.
Her: me Alice. I've got to go, bye! *gets in car and drives off*
Me: *Looks down at number*

Not bad...

Not bad at all...


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