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Warm Summer Nights (a collaboration with chilipino and flowergirl)

The echo could be heard around the bar
As I kick the door out on a warm Friday night
I’m amped up and in need of an adventure
The trail of nicotine smoke follows out the door
Swinging my keys fashionably walking up to my ride
The neon bouncing off the mirrored orange exterior
Turn the key and let the pipes rattle the ground
An angry exhale of exhaust lays tread on the tarmac
Burning fuel into the atmosphere, gaining speed
My phone lights up as I hastily answer it
Mmm looks like a little missy wants to play tonight

Daddy should have locked his little girl up
Because I have some devilish plans for her
Swing open the passenger door as she jumps in
Black lace and leather, she knows how to please
Running her hand up between my knees
Swig after swig downing the whiskey
She gets just a little more and more frisky.

Sexual ecstasy flowing as she works my gears
Such a tease, gliding up and down my cock
When it comes to danger she has no fear
Weaving in and out of the lanes, going faster
Commanding the road as if I was its master

But I begin to feel something isn’t quite right
Someone else should be here to hell raise tonight
Of course! I whip out my phone, and make a call
The dial tone clears as I ring out “Oi mate!”
Moans could be heard in the background
What a fucking player my boy Chili
“I hope I’m not interrupting anything” as I laugh


Adrenaline bursting through my veins
Behind the wheel of 500 horse power to love
Slip knot cranking tunes
Amped up to terrorize hell
Moments alike shan't be alone.
Who to bell?
Speed dial caged raven, ring ring ring
"Oi mate, I hope I'm not interrupting anything lolz"
"C'mon bro its time, let's tear shit up"

The meet...

Greeted with brotherly love by a Las Vegas bar
Alcohol consumption are way too far
Chili and Caged_Raven's intensity rising with blurred deformity
All our darkness, our pain, our hell will be unleashed
with such enormity
For tonight this fucked up world gave up on 2 rev heads.

The city of sin is slowly beginning to show its skin
Watching the girls work the pole, we work the tables
Cash is king, and this time the house doesn’t win
The amount of excess is the thing that makes fables

The lust, the greed, is what fuels our need to feed
Swirls of nicotine cloud our vision of the light
Watching the confides of reality fade as we are freed
We both know it’s wrong but it feels so goddamn right

The alcohol has taken a hold of the senses
Relentless we pace ourselves through the casino
The blinking lights of the slots our only guidance
Stumbling back to the cars, empty bottles in hand

Our attention span has shortened as the night wanes on
The girls are anxious and so are we, more adrenaline
The sensation of this cheap drug is in high demand tonight
As we unleash on the freeway, pushing the red line

The desert makes such an amazing setting for hell raising
Barren and unforgiving, suits our personalities perfect
It just such a damn shame when the highway patrol sees our racing
But we both know there’s no way we are getting off with a ticket

Chili produces a handgun from the under his seat
Through the pane of my window I could see him grin
Shots ring through the black as I watch this amazing feat
Feeling invincible, this is one race with a guaranteed win

Speeds unbound, as the rubber slowly melts away
A real duke brother’s fairytale ending, hot in pursuit
One final glance, there’s nothing left that we can say
We knew that there has to be an end, live fast die young

Open fire could be heard as I watch my mirror shatter
Faster and faster as I work through the gears gaining speed
My girl whispers slowly in my ear naughty things, I DON’T HAVE TIME!!!
They are gaining on our heels, oh my god it can’t be

The California border is the best thing I’ve seen all night
The engines roar in laughter as the pigs pull over
They have no power once we cross the state line
Laughing manically, you can’t stop us! So we thought…


Uh oh! Here's some more blues behind us
an unmarked Camaro running our bumper
here's another one, got us surrounded
might as well pull over and take our chances

out steps two officers with guns drawn
step on out of the car boys with hands up
we both looked at each other
they look tough and ready to rumble
but voices of angels we do hear

threw us up on the car and started searching
roaming in private places with their fingers
Chili reared back with a surprise squeeze
felt a tug in his arm turning him around
officers hat fell to the ground
her long beautiful hair fell in her shoulders
flowergirl was written on her name badge
she demanded us to her back seat
we willfully got in the rest mode position

Chili just smiles as we marched to the back
Oh boy, this is one prison sentence I can take
flowergirl smacks my ass as I get into the car
Damn I guess justice has been served

The silence is finally broken when flowergirl looks back
“What the hell were you two boys doing?” She asks
“You managed to blow up every police radio in two states!!!!”
I reply, “Just enjoying the late nights festivities, you know”

Wake up. Chili was pushing me off his shoulder in the squad car
Hang over from hell. “Where the fuck are we bro?” I ask timidly
We look at our wrists, handcuffed to the bars on the windows
flowergirl and her deputy rush to the scene and uncuffs us

Their smiles only bewilder my imagination of last night’s events
They look in our faces and know we need some liquid breakfast
We peel out in the unmarked Camaro, heading to the outskirts of town
To a lonely saloon, and order a tall bottle of Tequila as we pour out four shots

Our girls come in the bullet riddled cars we left back at state line
The screeching of the brakes is not at all a pleasant sound
flowergirl smiles slamming down the shot glass and running out
“What the fuck chili!?! You left us in the middle of the fucking desert!”
I look to my doomed friend in sympathy because I knew my fate was the same
“Caged fucking raven, you goddamn son of a bitch!” I hang my head
I pour four more shots and they take them. Ahh silence. Sweet silence
Right before we start another warm summer night of real living

Written by Caged_Raven
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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