Dear Best Friend

Dear Simon
Where to start? I miss you, of course, but you already knew that. You tell me you miss me too, and then you get terribly uncomfortable with that rare display of affection. It makes me smile every time.
I suppose right now, I just want to say thank you. Thank you so much for being the best friend anybody could ask for. You listened when everyone else talked over me, past me, beyond me. You saw me when everyone else looked through me. Youíve always been there for me, even when I made some really bad decisions and neglected you as a result of those decisions. Most people would have left me to fall alone once Iíd ignored them, but you stood in the background, watching for me to fall, just so that you could catch me and tell me it was all alright, you were there.
You ignored the steadily increasing marks on my arms and just hugged me that little bit tighter instead. You listened to my rants and responded with reason and intelligence, and you always knew when to stop and make me laugh. You gave me companionable silence when I couldnít speak, and inane chatter when silence would have broken me.
I remember standing with you on the bus, laughing as you fell over and caught yourself at the last moment yet AGAIN, the journey somehow going much quicker due to being in your company. I remember you making me laugh so hard my cheeks cramped up every time I tried to smile, my eyes watering with the pain of being so damn happy in your presence.
I feel terribly lost and alone this year, knowing youíre at the opposite end of the country to me. 10 hours away instead of 5, and I can really feel it. I keep wanting to pick up and run back home, just for a weekend, just so I can hang around with you and laugh and enjoy metal and games and being geeks, and then I remember that youíre not at home any more, and I donít know what to do with myself.
I feel like I have a lot to say, but in all honesty I just want to be around you again. Iím good with words, but I donít really need words with you; you know how much you mean to me.
I miss you a lot.
Written by Mrs_Sin (Lillith)
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