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My skin midnight in pitch to echo my panther's  
Hair tufted and coarse flows like the savannah  
For the Gods greet me with morning whispers  
Service and duty to my king is nestled in my womb  
The only seed I have ever known  
It is sacred  
Life affirming  

Men would take of me if they could  
But my eyes were never trained to succumb to their weaknesses  
Their vengeance is met with fury and turned to vexatious screams  
Their foolish appetites fed with their own blood and that of their brothers  
Their stubborn will reduced to a rotting carcass not fit for a jackal's pup  
They are defeated  

My love is as delicate as any willow  
It's only protection the sinewy roots that beg at the Earth  
Taking from her blackened essence speckled with our ancestors' adulation  
and cowering remnants of fallen enemies  
These veins embedded in Mother are my sisters of the Mino  
We are warriors  

Our king gives us light and direction with each cockcrow  
Sun, when others only see the unknown  
Warmth, when others are trapped in the gelidness  
We attack even when we retreat  
He is our Emperor  


Postscript: I bumped this because the female warriors of the upcoming film "The Black Panther" were based on these women.

(from )
The Dahomey or Mino Amazons
"If soldiers go to war they should conquer or die."
- Motto of the Dahomey Amazons
The Dahomey (Mino) Amazons are the only documented all-female official front-line combat arms military unit in modern history. Tough, uber-intense asskicking women single-mindedly devoted to hardening themselves into ruthless instruments of battlefield destruction, these machete-wielding, musket-slinging lady terminators were rightly-feared throughout Western Africa for over 250 years, not only for their fanatical devotion to battle, but for their utter refusal to back down or retreat from any fight unless expressly ordered to do so by their king.

If you were some poor conscript douchebag militia soldier hanging out around your barracks and you saw these scary-as-fuck kill-chicks suddenly start charging out of the woods in your direction, screaming their war chants with their muskets barking fire and their signature double-edged two-foot-long machetes brandished threateningly over their heads, you had one fleeting moment to overcome your crippling panic and defend yourself.

Because if you failed to kill them and I mean if you failed to kill every single last fucking one of them, some murderous woman was going to club you unconscious with a musket butt, drag you back to her capital, chop off your head with one swing of her machete, boil the skin off of your decapitated face, and then use your skull to decorate the royal palace.  

Written by LobodeSanPedro
Published | Edited 14th Jan 2018
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