I've written many a poem
Deep in its meanings, verbalizing my soul
Complex by nature cause it symbolizes my soul
Feeding a release with every drop of ink that leaks from the pen that I hold
Freeing trapped feelings which I vehemently withhold
Feelings too sacred, too intimate and too secret for any one man alive to know

I've written from so many angles
From contradicting perspectives
To advocating arguments on behalf of the devils and his advocates
Even betrayed my essence in writing blasphemous
In search of enlightenment, writing reckless
To the point where questions beget more questions than sense

But I still feel incomplete
There's that one elusive topic in my catalogue which is missing
One which has been hard to touch on Cause the wounds were carved so deeply
Reminiscences linger in the form of old scars and feelings
Lodged too far, too deep for one to uproot or reach

Afraid to write on such deep things
Sometimes Its better to just let sleeping dogs lie than risk getting eaten

But I guess I got to do it So
Here it is, don't judge me though
Its heartfelt, filled with weakness and abit too close to home

So close that its awkward like incest
On a spiritual and metaphysical quest
For peace, solace and happiness
There's just this one last piece left

She was short, silly, caring and sweet
She was other half, she was my rib, she was my Eve
Together, she made me and WE complete
It was that deep

Oft times I felt like Adam
Like the only man in the world whom God could bless
Like the world was made just for me and she to have
Like Eden because it was just that perfect

Mad Special
Our bond transcended
The physical and yearnings of the flesh
Bare naked before each other in bed
And the furthest thought from both our minds is sex

Bare flesh against bare flesh
My eyes lost in stare
Wondering deeply into yours as I stroked my fingers through your hair
Too busy to notice anything else
Even If the whole world fell apart I couldn't care less

That's just how things were in Eden
Our minds were oblivious to the sinful lures of evil
Innocent and pure, love was our only need
All the worlds gears and levers were in perfect alignment for these two people

But the book of genesis says that there will come a day
When Eves head would be turned the other way
Seduced by the allure of forbidden fruits, her judgement gave way
And gave in to the ramblings of a slick and deceptive snake

She bit into the apple
Without care nor fear for what could happen
Salivating more with every conscious naw at the apple
Filling her belly with the first sin and pleasing the devil

She brought her apple to share with me
But this is where WE and Genesis
Share polarized endings
Cause I had already read the book of Genesis

The story continues...

I felt hurt and betrayed by the one
Whom I had entrusted to my heart
She had broken my trust
Trust is such that it only needs to be broken once
In order to remain broken, and that is exactly what she had done
So now its impossible for us
to be the couple that we once was

She broke my one trust
Sacrificed our one love
For the evils of just one lust

In Genesis God cursed Eve
That she will bare labour pains when her womb births a seed
That slithering serpents shall strike her heel
The repercussions of her impulsive actions.

In this story I left Eve
She wept, wailed and gnashed her teeth
Grieving, begging and pleading with me not to leave

But I told her "Eve...
I can't stick around to be punished for your deeds"
Every action has an equal and opposite consequence.
You need to wallow alone in the memories of what you did.

Eden suddenly became barren
A wasteland where the sweat of my brow rewards my actions
Where you-reap-what-you-sow is the law for the now masses
The ground is cracked
The weeds scream in thirst of water from the heavens
Everything which characterized eden had shriveled to ashes

Eden then and now
Is a representation of my heart then and now
This gospel is my written account
As I've seen it with my own eyes and felt it with my heart

I miss Eve with all my heart
Seeing her all alone labouring on her own among
The thorns and rocks as serpents snap at her hidden in the ground

I so wish we could go back to how things was
But that's nigh on impossible now
cause there will always be an apple between us
and the bite marks which still remain as scars

Even if my heart still beats with her in love
Written by OneLove
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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