The Window Of Time

You held my hand as we walked
Across the smiling bridge with open wings
You took a step forward and turned back
To find me staring at you... an efficacy!

Blinded by that sparkled vicariousness,
I too, took a step forward
And Pulled you in my arms... Oh Love!
That impulse,the numbed mind, that instantaneous touch...

The bridge swung with a joyous mood
As your silky mane touched my lifeless cheek
Flowing in full fervor, the passion, timeless love, sweetened tears...
The grass was green and the waters, blue!

Hearts indeed bore feelings divine
As the days passed by, waving at our enchanted love
Showering the countless confessions and misty memories
And your mysterious look, an addiction, in the moonlit night...

But adversity was meaningful for the meaningless
With pain and faith entwined
And I could sense it coming my way
In your form, pain; in mine, faith!

A lot has changed since then, except for me
As you've parted away from my soul for him
And if you wish to know the changes, if at all
Engulfed in my sad voice, 'm ready to tell...

You knew you were all that I had
Why did you leave me then? Won't ask,
But when you were gone, I imagined you in shadows
Gliding with the flakes of your touch, no, won't cry!

And I stood watching from my window
The way you hurled my hand while I stood with broken wings
You did move ahead again, but never turned
My poor heart ached at the very sight...

Blinded by your false feelings
Took a chance and stepped forward to hold you
You were gone by then, pulling my everything
Drowning slowly that impulse, why? My numbed heart, this instantaneous pain.

The bridge trembled in its final moment
As your unfaithful lips touched his skin, why... tell me, why?
Flowing in full vigor now was my disturbed blood and sour tears
Trust me, the grass isn't green anymore and the waters have evaporated...

Hearts were made of steel and the feelings, of wax
The days passed by without waving hands anymore, none to leave
With the endless silence and bitter memories
All mystery in that moonless night, my prediction.
Written by lovedboynick (Nishant Srivastava)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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