Shut up and Be grateful

Everyday you complain
Over this and that
You worry yourself almost to death
Never satisfied
Its been like this for years
Yet you're still here
If life wasn't good
Then why come this far?

You want to be something you're not
You dream of being great
But little challenges throw you off balance
Quickly you navigate
To the gloomy shores where you feel safer
Sailing in self-pity
Blaming everyone but yourself
For your sorry state

Do you think the universe is a mistake?
Do you see injustice in it?
Do you think you're wiser than the One who made it?
Do you even think He exist?
Who do you thank when things go well?
Do you feel any weight when you're happy?
Compared to when you're sad and gloomy
Carrying the world on your shoulders

I have noticed an irony in life
Though happiness is cheaper and better
People prefer frowning to a smile
Throwing themselves under the weight of depression
They want people to see them worried
They always like to be told 'sorry'
They paint their own situation as the worst
Even when they know its far from the truth

As long as day and night remain
Things will not always go our way
The fun in life is the ups and downs
And that's why we have our brains
To manipulate our situations
Make blessings our of curses
Make beautiful pathways out of our rugged lands
That's what makes us humans

Can't you learn from the animal world?
See how cruel life can be there
not the strongest nor even the smartest can have their way all the time
Nature plays its trick on all of them
Yet space and time always turn things their favor
Creating a balance between predator and prey
They bleed,they breed,they grief in pain
But the cruelty of their existence never stops their play

The squirrel squeaks
The antelopes gallops
Hyenas laugh it out
Serpents hiss
Despite the cruelty of the jungle
The never deviate from what they are
Doing what they're known for doing best
To the glory of the Maker

Now what about the higher animals
Those with the higher sense
How do they respond to pressure
when things are tense
I've seen some cut themselves with sharp razor
Some overdose themselves to coma
Some stay in gloom day and night
Others throw themselves from a height

Is it possible to give up and still make it
To being that super person in your dreams?
Or who has ever mended a thing by breaking it?
As cruel as it seems...
The world is a sweet adventure in itself
A pleasurable place to be
Make your inquiries in the depth of hades
Maybe then you'll see

The opportunity you're misusing
Worrying,nagging in place of gratitude
The gift of life is more precious than gold
To it there's no substitute
So if you're so dumb to be creative
At least free your soul and be playful
But if you can't do any of the two
Then I suggest you just shut up and be grateful
Written by dustyjjewels
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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