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The sound of her sighs as I kiss the nape of her neck
Slowly down her spin… Back of her thighs
Body tingles with every kiss
The roundness of her behind… In my hand as I caress
She parts her thighs
Inviting my tongue inside  
I continue trailing kisses down her calf
All the way down to her toes
Moans escape… Words begging me to take
I turn her over
My tongue slowly teasing her mouth... colliding
Her sensual scent the feel of her soft caramel skin
Roundness of her breast
Making my mouth water... Inviting
My tongue circling her areola
Flicking her plump nipples
I suck on them hard
Pulling them between my lips
Loving the feeling as they get stiff
Kissing her navel tracing it with my tongue
The wetness of her panties as
My kisses get lower
Taking them off slowly
I bury my face in her pussy
Probing her depths with my tongue
Pushing it deeper, parting the lips
Sucking her swollen clit…throbbing
Her moans fill the room
Throwing her head back
Thrusting her hips against my face and gasping
Grabbing the vibrator
I put in her mouth to get it wet
Tease her nipples with it
Her legs get wider as she starts to rub her clit
Wetness gleaming on her finger tips
I rub the vibrator along her thigh
Edging closer and closer to her dripping pussy
I ease it in slowly
Fuck her with it
Gets coated in her juices
I take it out of her pussy and put in my mouth
Tasting her… Licking her juices
She begs me to make her cum
I put one of her legs over my shoulder
So its pussy against pussy...clit against clit
Slamming together
Bucking her hips
Grinding in time
Squeezing her breast
As the pace escalates
A duet of screams
Orgasm burning
Juices flowing out heavily
Satisfaction is evident on the sheets

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