What do you do afterwards? Light up on    
A cigarette and start a discussion    
On the meaning of life, as in French films?    
No. Their fantasies of the symbiosis    
Of carnal desire and rational thought    
Do hardly square with those philosophers    
From Hobbes and Locke then Kant and Hegel, not    
Forgetting Newton who all probably    
Died virgins. Even the maverick Nietzsche    
Abstained after a youthful dose of the pox.    
A cynic may say film makers believed    
Their own chat up lines that a satisfied    
Libido stimulates the inquiring mind.    
And, of course, French philosopher were less    
Inhibited than the Anglo-Germanic.    
Let me disabuse you of this folk myth.    
A cig. and vapid ontological    
Musings just compensate for bad sex.    
When it all goes well, we turn into demons    
And the more satisfying the climax    
The more weirdly devilish we become.    
Once I awoke inside her while she slept    
I was gratified and pleased- for her- to see    
Undeniable marks of perfect orgasm.    
Pores opened and her firm flesh loosened    
Like a living, breathing mature Stilton.    
Suddenly my lady, so much closer    
By then to menopause than puberty,    
Transformed into the uniformed school girl    
She had described in her childhood stories.    
Panic. Then fear. Were my post-sex brain cells    
Leaking discrimination? Then I recalled    
An encounter with a Spanish Carmen    
Who transmuted into her full blood Inca    
Grandmother in similar conditions.    
What if she saw me in much the same way?    
I remembered on another occasion    
A look of bemused horror in her eyes    
When they opened so shortly after mine.    
I'd assumed it was in disappointment    
That I was not the lover of her dream.    
Perhaps instead she saw Jack the Ripper,    
The Boston Strangler or even Ghenghis Khan.    
I withdrew gently and lay beside her,    
Dreaming of our normal life; our knowing    
Of each other's every mood and desire;    
How we began each other sentences;    
In intimacy, responsive harmony    
At every point to the nano second.    
If I saw a terrifying stranger    
How would she see me on awakening?    
So irreplaceable. I had to avoid    
A seizure on her perceiving that I was    
Her incubus. First my affirmation    
That I was already to her converted    
As my own and dearly loved succubus.    
(my next submission- The Intruder- is a commentary on this)
Written by marthard
Published | Edited 4th Jan 2014
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