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Don't Fear the Dark*

I find you alone, in the dark, crying from fear
Don't worry, Angel, your lover is here
Follow my voice, baby, come to my arms
Let me show you that you can not be harmed
In the absence of light, darkness prevails
But the dark is not evil, it's only a veil
It prevents us from seeing what we know is there
You find my arms, and i rub your hair.
You know that your safe, and yet you still shake
Your fear of the dark is a hard one to brake
I have an idea to help you, my dove
I break this awful curse with my undying love
To start with your lips, that is the plan
Simple and wholesome, you let the kiss land
My hands roam your back, you lean into the kiss
You start to feel that there's something amiss
You're right of course, but you don't let on
The kiss is too loving, and starts to get fun
Kissing, licking, tongues dancing together
You pull closer wanting to stay there forever
Groaning into each others mouths, our bodies truly mesh
I slide down to your silken neck, nibbling your tender flesh
Teeth grazing upon the soft skin, you start forgetting your fear
Listening to breathing as I move up to your ear
My tongue softly traces the edge, your scent driving me insane
Your excited moans fuel my passion, I can no longer refrain
There is no more darkness, everything is clear
Passion's light has taken over, you can't recall your fear
You take the next step, you rip off my pants and shirt
Our bodies now being our eyes, I tear off your blouse and skirt
The love and passion is growing fast, your fingers caressing my chest
The darkness intensifies all our sensations, I gently group your breast
Your nipples are hard already, feels wonderful between my lips
The feeling of your fingers in my hair, pulling me down to your hips
You have a very clear vision of where your wanting me to lick
More than happy, my tongue makes its way to your clit
Your screams of ecstasy ring clearly into the dark
When my tongue reaches your hole, you feel definite spark
Shoved deep inside, my nose on your clit
You grind into my face, moving your hips
Your juices flow freely, while drinking the delicious river
Your back arches, your thighs shake and shiver
The orgasm takes your breath away, dark has a new light
I help you lay on the ground, we do not need our sight.
Positioning my self on top, slide my member inside
Your wet, warm velvet tunnel is now spread wide
Not taking to long before the pleasure breaks through
Cuming together, losing ourselves, after a passionate screw
Holding you closely to my heart, I fire a candle for light
You look deep in my eyes, kiss me deep, I moan into the night
You break the kiss and give me a wink, my mouth is starting to pout
You move down my body to my dick, then blow the candle back out!

*Another dedication to my Glorious Friend!
Written by torednekone
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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