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Heart of gold

There are Two scales to weigh the moral of the others worth one side of the scale filled with greed diamonds jewels and gold coins so full and heavy the chain ready to brake to hit  the ground the other sale wisdom knowledge and humanity and loving compassion a heart of gold seemingly solid  cant out weigh the value of the hoarder of vanity riches greed and desire of  selfish human's reaching in arrogantly and scoffs ha one scale hits the top with a crashing echoing sound but when the human's look closer and sees this heart is a rare piece of gold with  hasty cruel and greedy hands of many reaching in to grab this golden heart thought to be solid but when savagery quickly grabbed this heart it split down the middle and broke into two half's being tosses down and before having time to react and  could fully turn their back's on what appeared worthless and a waste of time it spoke.The gold was the first layer inside,this heart the second layer was a opal stone shining many colors and it bled red like a glistening ruby and two rabbits appeared one shimmering white fur sparkled clear like a diamond with eyes like a onyx stone the other black as shadowy night this rabbit with diamond eyes and the two were joined as reflective twins with a angelic voice none can describe a pure energy and force all its own unique spoke these words all I want is simple in this world in a loving sweet voice filled with pain said I want to be equal and happily loved in a life of peace so I can live the conjoined rabbits drenched in seeping ruby blood with one large sapphire tear glimmering this heart turned purple then  emerald green streaming more tears of aquamarine then crumbled into tiny pieces made of jewels diamonds and gold scavengers gasped in disbelief  of what they witnessed several hands selfishly reaching into the scale to sell the worth of my heart unaware it is unsaleable no one with a soul and a good sense of morality,respect,and kindness will never put a price on a persons heart and sees its worth and cant be bought karma was within this damaged heart those who reached for the greed of my heart dammed them selves with bad blood misfortune and cursed with insufferable pain grief and bad luck you get what you deserve in life man or woman live an honest life and do right by those who are worthy and you will live on memorized with the rabbits reminders choose wisely and carefully and Karma will reword you for your troubles justifiably rightfully  
Written by kristina (kris the white rabbit13)
Published | Edited 30th Apr 2013
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