Respect, Hey-Mind if I 'Spit Shine?'

This is to address
ALL... who have to be utterly sleepin'
freakin' with the cheap
n' bull shit eatin' demon tellin' lies
bout how wise they are,
yet it's so clear how clearly they despise
the truest, WISE-ISH WORD STARS,
n' ain't paid no interest to RESPECT
sit n' watch how  the verb locust,
stay so focused
like insecticide, I'm homocide
when I deride such flagrant diss-respect
blowin' by n' unless I'm mistaken,
they keep puttin' in too much energy
that they  givin'  to the fake n' braggodish
wit da most ish they see
but their spit ain't  EVEN close,
I hang 'em on a post,
a disarrayed effigy  
n'  all othas should be grievin',
cause they can't be believin'
this verb hosts, n' roasts
the 'no-saids'  they ain't hardly even the mostest!

but first this, is all bout havin'
n showin' word love n' respect
to them so deservin'
so quick I spit wit  with verbiose dialect

listen close as one dissects
the lines to find knowledge
so easy to disgest
n' I don't give a ham
bout how GRAND some think the other's hand fan
man it's too little tact, n' nowhere near true  intellect!

next check da kid who thinks they shit-so-shine, but real wit
don't just flow sometime...

it's a steady barrage of endless ink 'wet'
yet in the 'chosen' it's GOD-set,
forget what ya heard these brothas
n' sistas are some mothas
with verb their velocity kick wit intensity
see, they got that propensity
to get to me n' all I wanna be
is fed frequently

by fluids flowing,
flowerin' the seeds of my mentality
that being said, I tip my hat,
n' bow my head in honor to them I READ
you see I said it's them  
who nourishes my head,
those true poets out there  
otha sistas n' brothas from anotha  motha
that have honestly from my depths

gotten my admiration n' utmost  

Written by Poetikmind (_---_)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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