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poet Tiablue24
United States
I'm a young poet who is going to take my poetry far one day......... williing to listen and take notes any way that i can we all make mistakes but poetry is my passion and i hope to improve no more mistakes for me.
Poems published: 9
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poet Caged_Raven
3awards United States
I hope you're not in search of a happy poem. If you read my works you are reading into my heart. Cold and broken. Enjoy and stomach it if you can.
Poems published: 77
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poet RetainedThoughts
United States
Simple lyrical poetry with a depth of desriptive outlines and personal experience.
Poems published: 21
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poet Miss_Sub
72awards United Kingdom
the spirit of a death-wish with no earthly place to go.
Poems published: 241
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poet SamiBmuse
United Kingdom
I write love poems, dark poems, sexual poems, fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as adult erotica. I write with my heart, my experiences and how I perceive the world.
Poems published: 54
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poet Taryn
9awards United States
🌻 •* • good or bad ~ it's scribed in ink ~  experiences are my muse • *• 🌻
Poems published: 162
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poet Academic
United Kingdom
I'm committed to what I do and never undertake anything just for the sake of doing so.
Poems published: 374
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poet doggerelsheets
A Dark cynic who loves people not objects
Poems published: 45
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poet Hepcat61
19awards United States
Poems published: 234
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poet Postmortal
United States
I  write to rip the darkness from my soul and pin it down in the perfect light that is white paper if you think that makes me a poet than I will take your word for it if you don't then we will have something in common.
Poems published: 60
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poet HedonsHerald
United States
I'm Glycolosis. There is no special meaning. There never was. For anybody. Our obsession with meaning is unnatural. Go watch t.v. It's better for your state of mind.
Poems published: 115
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poet Overlysexual
1awards United States
I'm no poet. Just a writer of expression. A feeler of life. I'm just here.  .... Taking a break.... Deleting the old in with the new.
Poems published: 78

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