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sometimes my head fights a civil war. I never know which side started it, or which side wins. but I know for sure it was hard faught  other profiles which I write with:   Muggle,  and am part of team Poetcast Project
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United States
I'm in love with the sun, moon and stars...and have kissed them all with my heart
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United States New Member
There are very few words that lose their meanings with repetition faster than "am".
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1awards United States
I am a perfectionist trapped in an imperfect world. I am a Libra and I love to draw and write poetry . I am a work in progress..........
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24awards Philippines
I am not me, when you found me lost; Alone in the crowd and silently screaming. Numb in pain and wholly broken; Clearly confused and desperately hoping... For an angel of death to come and end This simply complicated deadly existence.
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4awards United States
Still me ...  I just put the pixels on the screen, usually straight from the heart/soul with no filter ... No I won't compromise my principles ...  Just Write ...  Taken with a lot of things ... Like beauty of any kind ... Bless and love ...  - Alan
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3awards United States
I like to write late at night, when my muse has my back. At times, I have to search the rafters. I love the dark in writing when the spirits visit me. I also like collaboration.
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1awards United States
When I feel down and someone tells me to ‘suck it up,’ I get the urge to break their legs with a baseball bat and then say ‘walk it off
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1awards Egypt
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5awards Canada
British born Vancouver, BC poet and photog. Explorer of the mystical and sensual in audio rhyming poetry.
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11awards United States
I have written several pieces of poetry. I hope you all will appreciate them once posted, as I have enjoyed writing them.
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2awards United States
Mayhem shows its wicked grin.  Go ghouls take flight and play.  Conjuring up shenanigans'.  Wreak havoc, not a moment's delay.
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