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poet Fallen_Angel_194
5awards United States
"Sometimes it's more noble to tell a small Lie, Then to Deliever The Painful Truth." - Robin Mclaurin Williams.  July 21,1951 - August 11,2014
Poems published: 193
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poet Blackwolf
Flawlessly rhythmic.  Epically magical.  Totally Blackwolf.   Thanks To John Galt !
Poems published: 471
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poet AEMelia564
49awards Norway
Sculptress of Words
Poems published: 178
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poet Ahavati
53awards United States
Blazing the Poetic Trail of Life & Love with JohnnyBlaze. 💜💏
Poems published: 388
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poet TheMuses22
3awards United States
I'm a work in progress.
Poems published: 117
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poet Amorous_tryst
13awards United States
A poetess? I shall leave that determination to others.
Poems published: 143
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poet snugglebuck
55awards United States
A frostbit redneck.
Poems published: 251
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poet NewBeginnings
United States
A nature enthusiast, and a connoisseur of art, science, and music. Poetry, as well as music, help me to organize my thoughts, and enable me to express myself in a more constructive and creative fashion.
Poems published: 17
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poet ImperfectedStone
21awards United Kingdom
I'll introduce myself as a person. I am a mother, a partner, a person who will strive for goodness and freedom in all things. I am not a poet, I am a woman who writes to unburden her mind - casting away the things the people closest need not know.
Poems published: 685
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poet Lookawaynow
13awards United Kingdom
One slight poet  Beautiful around the edges
Poems published: 2987
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poet Joshuaberry
1awards Nigeria
What would i say?. Go through my works: They speak better of me.
Poems published: 203
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poet Sadgurl247
New Member
Poems published: 3

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