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poet dizzzzzzy
7awards United States
Hi I'm 616  or so I read today, my hobbies include psychology/ social engineering  Botany, dermal graphic artistry .
Poems published: 31
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poet Orenda
Sometimes I love to take a plunge into the mysterious ocean of fantasy,delving deep into the unknown, searching for pearls of wisdom....
Poems published: 13
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poet JusTim_
13awards United States
Remember the past, plan for the future, but live for today, because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come
Poems published: 510
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poet SatInUGal
2awards United States
Concision and Paradox are my weapons of choice. I'm a haiku fiend and an imagist.
Poems published: 195
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poet poetryaccident
13awards United States
A person with many poems to share about death, dance, joy, survival, and the ongoing struggle with depression.
Poems published: 829
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poet LunaLove6963
3awards United States
I just write about my desires and passions. Some reality some fantasy some a little bit of both.  Working on my first chapbook called A fragmented soul: despair of the narcissistically abused
Poems published: 501
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poet adamtherapy69
United Kingdom
I have been writing all my life.  Like to excite or make you think I believe humanity has lost a lot of its humanity Music art and words can be hope in a dark time
Poems published: 95
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poet dartford
28awards United Kingdom
writing poetry doesn't make me a poet, who hasn't written poetry at some time or other...
Poems published: 2668
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poet Ely
2awards Mexico
If I could explain, I would have done it... but then I would not need to write the poem... art happens... sometimes it comes easy, often not. I can't explain.
Poems published: 178
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poet Eerie
I like big, syrupy words.
Poems published: 56
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poet Tristitude
United States
A stream of consciousness inspired by history, music, and the mundane.  I want to hone my craft. I want to learn from my fellow writerkind.
Poems published: 26
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poet LilDragonFly
13awards United States
Been here at DUP since last summer. Met some great poets and poetesses here.  In school I took my first poetry course and loved it! Now I want to continue practice my writing to include erotic poetry. Let myself go with the cloak on anonymity ...
Poems published: 224

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