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United Kingdom
I write free verse.
Poems published: 965
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20awards United Kingdom
My erotic poems enable me to express the joys of sex in ways not otherwise possible. My other poems are largely about the beauty of nature and the threats the environment faces.]
Poems published: 482
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9awards United Kingdom
classic rhyming stuff been called a realism poet. No axes to grind, chips on shoulders un-found, just like the fun of writing stuff down, safe in the sanctuary here Deep Underground.
Poems published: 308
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6awards United States
"I'm WORKIN' on it!"
Poems published: 347
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United States
my poems come from deep down they are my words my emotions that I have no other way of expressing.
Poems published: 37
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I like poetry to be clever, subtle, well formed and witty.   Poetic control, correctness and discipline all have their parts to play.  As do visits to the gorgeous ink shop .
Poems published: 1162
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United States
I love to write poetry more than anything in the world. I even break my heart at times to see what words I can generate. I want to inspire deeper feelings. I write religious topics and pagan mythology along with violent happiness and depressed titillation
Poems published: 428
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United States
I just enjoy writing if my mind allows me to. Nothing serious.
Poems published: 93
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6awards Italy
I write mostly about pain, anger and delusion; anxiety and depression are part of everyday life. I also write about erotica, pleasure and pure Lust as a means of coping with life and living it to the full. I write about love. Good or bad, it moves life.
Poems published: 224
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160awards United States
Tomcat, we’ll always have Gallop.
Poems published: 776
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I didn't know I had been a poet a long time until I had stumbled upon an old poem (from the 00's) of mine. I like poems with rhyming very much.
Poems published: 19
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'Reading is an activity subsequent to writing: more resigned, more civil, more intellectual.' – Jorge Luis Borges
Poems published: 22

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