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poet Xaphan
United Kingdom
Favourite poem: Dulce et Decorum Est.... when I read this I realized how wonderful poetry could be.
Poems published: 76
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poet LunaLove6963
3awards United States
I just write about my desires and passions. Some reality some fantasy some a little bit of both. Working on my first chapbook called A fragmented soul: despair of the narcissistically abused
Poems published: 483
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poet AndreasWicked
 No one can be hypnotized by another person without his willingness to be hypnotized , but I  still wonder if  it really matters  much  if one  will  be  in an infernal  or divine paradise
Poems published: 55
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poet Ken
United States
I don't know the true qualifications or credentials there are to be an official poet nowadays or ever for that matter but I am sure I don't have them. Actually I'm vocalist for a metal band named Prosody and the lyricist as well.
Poems published: 156
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poet Dragon162
United Kingdom
I like to use imagery in my poetry sometimes. I do not have a specific style although I do like writing poems about nature and bringing nature into some of my poetry.
Poems published: 13
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poet Trouble_Loves_Me
1awards Wales
Mi gerdaff gyda thi dros lwybrau maith
Poems published: 217
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poet LibraSoul96
1awards United States
I am a perfectionist trapped in an imperfect world. I am a Libra and I love to write poetry and draw. I am an insanely weird kid, yet insanely normal.
Poems published: 18
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poet Gahddess_Worship
24awards United States
Writing poetry is the catalyst in my quest for authenticity and the conduit through which I express my deepest thoughts and emotions.
Poems published: 189
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poet argedion
United States
I use poetry to capture an emotion or moment. Mostly the moments and emotions that explode intensely in our private lives. mainly I write love poetry and a few darker ones.
Poems published: 72
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poet Shakespearan-Sweet
United States
My  pen lays prostrate to his Royal soul magistrate Come a little closer my  Queen tell me  which sentence do you deserve next that will determine your fate,   The Romantic, The love , the sensual,the erotic,? The dark, The sin,The twi
Poems published: 16
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poet Zazzles
19awards United States
I write with music 🎶 and weed two powerful tools that fuel my imagination🌈
Poems published: 100
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poet JohnnyBlaze
6awards United States
with Ahavati co-Directing the Official DUP Honestly Crafted Critique Group @ https://deepundergroundpoetry.com/groups/honestly-crafted-critique/discussion/
Poems published: 306

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