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3awards United States
I'm a modern shade of the Marquis de Sade. I come to massacre the masquerade for the meta-god. A melodic marauder of the maud maiden, and molester of the melancholic maven; malodorous malaise of the morose melanogaster to master tasteless poetaster.
Poems published: 217
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Lately, find it interesting and, occasionally, enjoyable...
Poems published: 292
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29awards United Kingdom
writing poetry doesn't make me a poet, who hasn't written poetry at some time or other...
Poems published: 3634
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20awards United Kingdom
No one of note just an autistic scribbler
Poems published: 958
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United States
Romantic, erotic, love, D/s mixed with depression, anxiety, and a pinch of PTSD to boot. I write what I feel which seems to be all over the map. †
Poems published: 82
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28awards United Kingdom
classic rhyming stuff been called a realism poet. No axes to grind, chips on shoulders un-found, just like the fun of writing stuff down, safe in the sanctuary here Deep Underground.
Poems published: 592
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8awards United States
I eat, sleep and breathe poetry. †Yes, I do indeed, start my day believing that there must be a poem in here somewhere.
Poems published: 476
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7awards United Kingdom
Eating cereal with a fork since the early 90ís.
Poems published: 124
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Clumsy with words
Poems published: 30
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Write or be written.
Poems published: 36
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8awards United States
The Dark Side of Poetry
Poems published: 539
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102awards United States
Inspired by life, literature, love and music.
Poems published: 692

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