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poet Billy_Snagg
1awards United Kingdom New Member
Hey there; I'm Billy! ;-)
Poems published: 2
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poet poetrician
1awards United States
i write to sort realities and for sapiosexual purposes.
Poems published: 49
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poet Taurek
2awards United States
Los Angeles/Westside
Poems published: 473
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poet FreeLove87
United States
I've always been told my words had volume & substance,so now I share What I do with even more souls and hopefully we can bring companionship to those who are alone in the dark, celebrate with those already living in the light FreeLove
Poems published: 67
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poet Hallucinostic
"PEACE and LOVE" is my ever groovy slogan..... and then some.
Poems published: 9
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poet samael
5awards United States
"God makes some men poets. Some He makes kings, some beggars.”
Poems published: 309
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poet FollowCB
United States New Member
Dreamer. Paint with words. Passionate storyteller. Innovator. Lover of words and expression. Connector. Song writer.
Poems published: 2
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poet EpicUtester69
5awards Australia
I am an unplublished author I have two books in the works! “Old mans rants” and “Escaping a past”
Poems published: 651
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poet John_Galt
1awards United States
A playful existentialist, that wanders through many styles of poetry. Never staying too long with any particular one. In love with the freedom of poetic expression, where things may be said that often could not be said, in certain circles.
Poems published: 23
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poet candycrier
I believe a poet is born, not made.
Poems published: 310
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poet Miss_Sub
75awards United Kingdom
Riding a pimped up tricycle to Tijuana.
Poems published: 302
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poet SaWal
I am a mess, well so is this world, So I choose to stay true to myself, for what it's worth.  Aspire to Inspire.
Poems published: 8

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