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I know how to translate / transfer a feeling so that everybody can feel just like me.Through poetry or through music..
Poems published: 65
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5awards Portugal
I write, and think, and paint, and draw, and read, and...
Poems published: 309
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15awards United States
"The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection." - Michelangelo
Poems published: 2405
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I love to play with words, draw and paint. i like to create quotes especially for love and erotic, travelling with my handsome, listening music and exercise for refreshing day! after all i m a positive personality.
Poems published: 41
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4awards England
Story telling in rhyme, searching the depths of hidden and often ignored desires and pleasures hidden in the darker side of life
Poems published: 1879
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5awards United States
‘I didn’t get much sleep last night, thinking about underwear.’ Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Poems published: 223
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1awards United States
Been told before I'm a pretty good poet, sorta kinda many enjoyed ones written on friendship or perhaps love; how 'bout coming inside, let me know if you like what you see appreciate your thoughts or critique, most of all your honesty.
Poems published: 339
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2awards United Kingdom
.I Write Beings  I WriteLight.  I Believe I Write What I know   And Don't Know!  Yeah--- That's Write!
Poems published: 1037
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49awards United States
I'm just a cowboy.  I've got some stories to tell and some scores to settle.
Poems published: 1873
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United States
Have really been enjoying this site.  Some really good poetry.  Nice to have this place for all of these children of ours to go out and play.
Poems published: 44
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1awards United Kingdom
I'm committed to what I do and never undertake anything just for the sake of doing so.
Poems published: 1071
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1awards United Kingdom
I compare poetry to painting, believing that I lack any drawing/painting skills but believing my imagination and training in writing has enabled me to transfer my love of visual art to the written word
Poems published: 269

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