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29awards United Kingdom
writing poetry doesn't make me a poet, who hasn't written poetry at some time or other...
Poems published: 2946
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29awards United States
Writing poetry is the catalyst in my quest for authenticity and the conduit through which I express my deepest thoughts and emotions.
Poems published: 304
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7awards United States
Soft westside boy.
Poems published: 666
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11awards United States
I write mostly about my day to day emotions, experiences, and thoughts. Every fucked up thought I have usually ends up here.
Poems published: 555
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8awards United States
I love to write on the edge:†Not all significant poetry goes down like warm soup: Don't fear the burn It just might awaken you: In the words of Jim Morrison... 'Wake up!' (I don't remember where I am either).. Note: †I write heartwarming stuff too..
Poems published: 204
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4awards Canada
British born Vancouver, BC poet and photog. Explorer of the mystical and sensual in audio rhyming poetry.
Poems published: 1117
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1awards Egypt
Poems published: 29
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I usually stay well within the dark, but sometimes I have been known to wax erotic.
Poems published: 23
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1awards United States
I wrote short stories at 7, poems by 12. For more than twelve years I was incapable of writing or singing - I was emotionally closed off to everything except living. Now, at 40, I've regained my voices and there is poetry and song in my life once more.
Poems published: 40
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United States
I experiment with and without form. †I try to let the idea write itself. †I self-published an e-book for kindle titled "The Absence of Definite Causality." †I have since self-published two new ebooks: "Unbeincredibleievable," and &q
Poems published: 236
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1awards United States
I am a perfectionist trapped in an imperfect world. I am a Libra and I love to draw and write poetry . I am a work in progress..........
Poems published: 46
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17awards Canada
I'm far from being the best poet, but every poem of mine was written from my heart. They're all precious to me, and I hope that you'll enjoy reading them.
Poems published: 175

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