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United States
My name is Spirit...and I'm very glad to be on the site...I have a message and I have to speak...through words read and words heard...please stay tuned..
Poems published: 38
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poet russell_snow
United States New Member
I write mostly lyrics but I am looking forward to the competitions on this site so I can try other types of writing. My genres are mostly love songs, about life, or losing someone. I am willing to collaborate or help if anyone is interested.
Poems published: 3
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poet FeNyX
1awards United States
Still me ...  I just put the pixels on the screen, usually straight from the heart/soul with no filter  No I won't compromise my principles  Just Write ...  Taken with a lot of things ... Like beauty of any kind ... Bless and love ... - Alan
Poems published: 182
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poet Miss_Sub
90awards United Kingdom
I am a pretty arsonist.
Poems published: 437
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poet ReggiePoet
An inner passion drives me to the pen, not something that I sought, or thought was mine;   and it was very late in my life when   I found my joy in meter and in rhyme!
Poems published: 252
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poet SilverBeaver_42
New Member
I’m not a poet. Most of these things come out of nowhere. Like a word, a phrase, scent or even an old song or tv, movie... Some are to people no longer in my life. Muses?
Poems published: 20
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poet lepperochan
whenever I talk to myself  about myself,  we disagree :  he calls me an imposter  I call him a zombie   other profiles which I write with:   Muggle  
Poems published: 58
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poet sophie_ericson
7awards United Kingdom
words cascade down my spine as I shower in your poetry
Poems published: 47
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poet Tenderloin
2awards Canada
Yet to be determined.  But my fascinations as a reader tend to drift to biography, horror and of course, the erotic.
Poems published: 368
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poet ExercisingDemons
1awards Canada
With one small turn of the page, the next chapter engaged.
Poems published: 63
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poet longsoftkiss
I write about being "IN LOVE"
Poems published: 59
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poet Hellarchy
United States
Constantly trying to evolve my style. Partial to dark writings
Poems published: 71

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