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Guilty of a slightly clinical writing style.
Poems published: 16
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20awards United States
I'm having a thought .....
Poems published: 567
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11awards United States
I am the awakening of what shouldn't be. I am just a glimpse of the future.
Poems published: 637
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United Kingdom
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2awards United States
✨I'm an unsure, overly self critical, supremely caring, thought provoking, coffee addicted, politically active, barrel of laughs and super sultry kitten.....😸 Ohhh and I attempt to wax poetically, too.✨
Poems published: 91
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13awards United States
The experiences and life lessons that I've had compel me to write.
Poems published: 281
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16awards United States
A nature enthusiast, and a connoisseur of art, science, and music. Poetry, as well as music, help me to organize my thoughts, and enable me to express myself in a more constructive and creative fashion.
Poems published: 137
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United States
i am em-ily cloven_zonkle and neoma. Try to love everybody so much that you can't look away.
Poems published: 78
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11awards United States
Nothing is very much real anymore, I feel.. lost as an ancient art, high as a rainbow arc, free as a falling dark star..
Poems published: 653
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3awards United Kingdom
Story telling in rhyme, searching the depths of hidden and often ignored desires and pleasures hidden in the darker side of life
Poems published: 314
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Hello! My name is Boyana. I love the sense of mystery, fantasy and magic; also the scent of exotic faraway places, especially the tropics and jungle temples. I love feeling holy and cold like the air of an early morning sorrowful Catholic cathedral.
Poems published: 13
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5awards United States
I eat, sleep and breathe poetry.  
Poems published: 362

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