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Poetry is life, I'm a poet so I give out life. Just relax and enjoy poetry!
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Hello! My name is Boyana. I love the sense of mystery, fantasy and magic; also the scent of exotic faraway places, especially the tropics and jungle temples. I love feeling holy and cold like the air of an early morning sorrowful Catholic cathedral.
Poems published: 68
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1awards United States
My thoughts erotic, sometimes exotic. that's why I took them deep underground.   Bawdy poems penned by this bard Make pussies wet and limp dicks hard
Poems published: 465
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7awards United States
Soft Westside Boy.
Poems published: 972
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20awards Scotland
No one of note just an autistic scribbler
Poems published: 1024
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40awards United States
Been here at DUP since summer of 2017. Met some great poets here.  I tend to write shorter poems on many different topics. While I do rhyme I vary it within the poem.  
Poems published: 1930
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sometimes my head fights a civil war. I never know which side started it, or which side wins. but I know for sure it was hard faught  other profiles which I write with:   Muggle,  and am part of team Poetcast Project
Poems published: 73
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28awards United Kingdom
It's all I want to do while here.
Poems published: 825
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26awards Australia
Did you hear the hesitation in my voice, sense the lump in my throat when I said I was a poet?
Poems published: 1507
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3awards United Kingdom
Story telling in rhyme, searching the depths of hidden and often ignored desires and pleasures hidden in the darker side of life
Poems published: 975
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United States
Romantic, erotic, love, D/s mixed with depression, anxiety, and a pinch of PTSD to boot. I write what I feel which seems to be all over the map.  
Poems published: 84

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