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22nd August 2:22pm
a_piscean_dream Tierra

Hey, everyone! My name's T, and I'm excited to be a new part of this community. I can't wait to see where this journey takes me. It's nice meeting y'all.
22nd August 8:42am

In other words, I'm figuring it out
I'm exploring and obtaining yet untapped worldly knowledge, that is an axios to the ever broadening possibilities of skills I may have dormant.
21st August 2:50am

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21st August 2:04am

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20th August 3:45pm

Hello guy I'm new here
20th August 7:42am

Hello everyone, I'm into poetry for quite a time but never really share it openly. If you ever encounter any of my writings, please leave some comments. I am not and was never good enough yet your words might turn the tide
19th August 3:39pm

The value of life & oxygen

Dear God I thank you    
for every single precious breath  
And when you'll place us in paradise  
   We shall thank you then for death.    
People round the world gasping for breath, breathless,    
short of breath, some unable to catch their breath,    
      some breathing their last,    
some on artificial costly breathalysers .    
How many times do we thank God    
for the countless free breaths we breathe our entire life??    
Oxygen o2 more valuable and scarce than diamonds nowadays.    
         Respiration, the main need of all life    
Those who eventually recover from covid and find their breath again    
             can finally breathe a sigh of relief.    
Yet heavenly sights in paradise  will be sure    
  to take our breath away anyway.    
           Life or afterlife    
      Here and hereafter    
   Life's a gift from God    
Now and thereafter    
Why end it here and now    
Why not extend fun and laughter?    
When my DNA and RNA expires with me    
  May God Resurrect and revive it in me    
I live and die for an extension of life in afterlife    
   God grant me that part eternity    
To search for the meaning and purpose of life    
   is to search and find the Creator of all life    
      i know there's out there somewhere    
     in Allah's universe, a heavenly portal    
      that will lead me to eternal bliss    
            designed by Allah the immortal.    
Imagine a perfect heavenly life with no fear , death or problems    
That's a life to die for, when Allah transports us to those realms.    
    An abode with no sickness or illness    
Only peace and total eternal happiness    
No viruses but rather real flying horses like real Pegasuses    
   We could get to ride and fly the universe    
   with angelic wings without planes or buses    
But you have to work to earn and deserve that heavenly paradise    
        Just follow God's latest holy book, so perfect and so wise.[/b][/b][/font][/font]
Written by Zaynab_kamoonpury
Plz read my newest post

19th August 3:36pm

Hello Everyone,My name is Adams King, I'm new here
19th August 2:32pm

Hello there
I don't have enough patience to write a book, or even a story. But I love writing and poems just work best. I love communicating something so deep and complicated within only a few words.
18th August 7:07pm

Can't play instruments because of injuries. Still writing lyrics and want to share.
Can't play instruments because of chronic pain. Still writing lyrics and want to share, hoping at least some of the lyrics I wrote will become a song. Better yet, I'd love to work with an actual band some day.

I listen to punk rock, hardcore, metalcore, folk punk, and anything else with a punk spirit.
17th August 4:37pm

ahhhh i am so happy to be here. Finally, something to fill my soul with what’s been missing.
14th August 8:25pm

Just joined
So glad to discover this treasure trove of talented poets/poetess. Immediately began enjoying the site hope to periodically make a contribution