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Edited 16th April 1:51pm
bolddona Simona Jones

Also new here. There're a lot of us, isn't there?
I really do hate introductions, but since it's necessary...hello! (I'm quite bad at them, you see.) I'm hoping to read some lovely poems, submit something, and make some friends, too.
15th April 3:23pm

poetry 4905
Everyone here is awesome
15th April 2:35pm

So,, I been writing for awhile and lately they seem to be getting better.. but also changing at the same time.. but any way.. hello everyone
13th April 7:34pm

What's up!
poetry 4903
I written poems in the past and I'm slowly getting back into it after a 16 year bad relationship. I truly enjoy reading you guys' poetry especially the erotic ones. I get a lot of inspiration to help me get back into writing! Looking forward to getting to know each and everyone here! Ttyl 👊😎
13th April 3:59am

Haven't written since my teens now that I'm in my 30s I've found reason to begin writing again it's really rough and just looking to see if ppl will.enjoy what I have to say in my poetry
11th April 11:53am
Dancingwords Timothy John Yabut

Sup ya'll, groovin here because I feel near
A noob in writing, very much like a newborn baby learning what the world of writing can do for the heart. I started just a month ago, not so focus on it but every time I submit to my heartbeat singing a beautiful song a pen and a paper seems to be the best combo to make me feel at my best self. Let's see what this DUP can offer for my life! Love ya'll and we will never be alone!
11th April 4:26am
PatheticPapist Saber Bob

Awkward, but here goes...
I started to write some poems seriously when I was 56, four years ago. I don't expect they're good, but some criticism on making them better would be appreciated.
10th April 5:27am

Putting myself out there
I’ve always written silently (except in high school——years ago-don’t ask how long) and to a few special friends. This is my first experience in letting “outsiders”read my work but I feel the need to let my thoughts out because, if not, I feel they may drown me. Thanks for listening and I hope to learn from you all. Happy writing everyone :)
9th April 00:13am

A new me
I started writing poetry when I was young but haven't written anything in about 5 or 10 years. I love words. Sometimes they get stuck in my head and the only way to get them out is to write them down
8th April 7:52am

Hi, I'm CT29 or ChocolateThighs29. As a matter of fact, just call me Coco. I'm new to Deeply Underground but I look forward to reading all of you guys work and participating in discussions. I also am eager to share my words, thoughts, and desires with you all. God Bless to you all
6th April 1:58am
Gyco Mr. Write

Heeeeeeeere’s Claudey....
I forgot to say hi. 😁 Long time listener, first time caller here. I love to write...about anything. I’ve been here a few days and have made some awesome connections and read some fantastic poetry!
6th April 1:52am

Hi everyone. I'm new here. Decided to start writing poetry and songs again to help me just maintain the chaos in my life. Hope all is well!!!