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Yesterday 6:25am

Newfound sanctuary to bear my Soul
10th July 4:00pm
Jesse Jesse Rose

New endeavor
I lead a pretty isolated life, so interacting with others could be positive. Look forward to sharing and reading, and dipping my toes in the people pond.
10th July 1:58am

Hello from one user to the next. I'm excited for finally sharing a part of myself to other individuals of the same community.
5th July 00:38am

How do I submit a spoken word recording?
3rd July 11:14am

Hi everyone. Greetings from Jamaica. The weather condition is breaking down as the hurricane approches. We are still hoping for the best outcome.
1st July 8:38pm
Ayu_Shi Ayushi

Hey everyone!
I'm not a professional, I just enjoy writing poetry as a means of organizing my thoughts.Though sometimes I also write things which are not based on personal experience. I'm here to showcase my work, read the amazing write ups submitted by others,hopefully recieve feedback/critisism and just enjoy my time here!
28th June 3:47pm
Dan_ONeill Dan ONeill

Long time poet finds long sought outpost
Hi everyone, looking forward to checking out all of your words, and sharing mine. I've just come out of a period of block - I've been left speechless by behaviour in the world - but I'm getting around it. Looking forward to connecting.
26th June 12:24pm

New to this website, love the idea behind it. Enjoy Spoken Word and poetry from afar so looking forward to putting my creations out there.
25th June 9:20am

Hello all
Happy to be here!
25th June 00:20am
goflow_BuddyReaux Buddy Reaux

Glad to be here and excited to share. Also canít wait to meet new folks and check out their work.
24th June 2:27pm

Hi all poets
Hello there! New to DUP and excited to both read and share words with everyone here. I mainly write in Swedish since thatís my first language, so I'm a bit rusty on the English side, but still looking forward nonetheless.
21st June 2:21am
herry_the_poet Christopher Herald

Anybody else run into a brick wall with the video thing? I've got voice overs for all my writings, but none of the YouTube urls ever take