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Edited 24th December 6:13pm
David_Macleod David Macleod

Good Tips for those new to deep underground
poetry 3270
Welcome friend

so you have just arrived at the deep underground. (DU)
unpacked your cases got your room all set out. 'now what.'

Before you can post your first poem on du you have to read and comment on other poets work or comment on the site forums(x3) or a combination of these, to start posting your own work.
Then you're off and running!

Here's a list of suggestions to help you on your journey:

1. If you comment on others poetry, mostly, they will respond.

2. Commenting on other's poems will lead to connecting with others.

3. You should at the very least say thank you to poets that comment on yours.

4. When replying to comments always click the "reply" button

5. Comments on your work will appear on "my du" click "my updates."

6. If you enjoy other poets work then you can choose to follow them.

7. Once followed your "updates" will also show their latest poems.

8. In return, they may follow you. but don't take it personally if they don't.

9. Join and enjoy the groups that interest you, the first one the welcome group.

10. Read the forums to enter into some lively debates.

11. Pick the poems you like to read by clicking "poems" on the top navigation bar.

12. Making abusive comments is frowned upon and action is taken when reported.

13. Please only make positive suggestions and comments it is better for you.
22nd October 4:02pm

Hi all,
I'm Wilbur from Perth, western Aust.
Have been writing on and off for years, never shown anyone .
Hoping to find some growth and direction in my often lost and tennebrous words.
21st October 2:43pm

Hello everyone! I am Laylay or lay..whichever. I use to do alot of writing when I was a teen. I probably took a break around age 16. So it has been a minute since I actually wrote anything. I also have never really let anyone read any of my writing. So, all the feedback will be much appreciated for anything I post in the future.
21st October 5:36am
saunak Saunak Sarkar

I am Saunak,an erotic writer by passion
19th October 2:58pm

poetry 4544
Im new to the group, years ago I use to follow erotic poetry. Last night one of my girls sent me a text that had me all wet and bothered, so I went to google and found yall, so far Im enjoying the writing 🥰
19th October 7:09am

poetry 4541
Hey all!
I'm absolutely brand new over here and stumbling on n with tid-bits of how things work.
I write. Poetry, short stories, plays etc..
N always have had a thing for all that's 'underground' 😏. ..
I'd be greatly grateful if you could guide me as to where n how to start from..
Edited 18th October 7:49am

Super duper newbie
I've been following this forum for several years without an account. I've always been blown away by how talented all of you are. After a series of events, and my own personal evolution, I've decided I want to do more than just admire. I want to start contributing some of my own writings and engage with the group in its entirety.

That being said. I'm a super poetry newb, but excited to be here and to learn from all of you.

17th October 6:27pm

I am Joseph Zenieh. I have been writing English Poetry for years.
I love English poetry, and l would like to cooperate with your group. Please, tell me how l can be useful.
17th October 3:45pm

Glad to be here. I love doing poetry and it seems a pretty cool place to flourish my skills and I'm gonna learn a lot of new things from all of you guys so thanks in advance ^_^
17th October 11:57am

Happiest to be here. Thanks to the stranger who suggested this

17th October 00:49am
JOY Joybell

Hi DUP professionals, sorry if this is the wrong forum but I didn't know where esle to post this question... When your poem is featured do you recieve a notification?
16th October 1:36pm

Old stories New Chracters
I'm new here. My purpose is to write about events in my life. Hurt, struggles, happy times etc. I would like to turn my life into pieces of poetry and short stories. Eventually a book. I'm trying to use CNF as direction.