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What Is The Poetcast Project?
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Well hey there!

Thanks for stopping by the group for the DUP Podcast.

So what the hell is The Poetcast Project?

The Poetcast Project is a weekly show that is released out into the wider world featuring the work of you fabulous DUP poets. Currently we broadcast right here on the DUP, our social media accounts and also out into the wider world including platforms such as Spotify and Apple podcasts

The Podcast has been running a little over a year now, and was started as a community project that is all about community. That means that we can't do it without YOU!

What the podcast covers

* New features of the site

* Features on groups - integrating the skills of groups by including a few live discussions / features / question & answer sessions on writing.

* Interviews from members - highlighting and promoting the work of all members old and new

* Poetry readings from contributors who wish to take part

* Fun & Shenanigans - C'mon... we aren't serious all of the time... we recognise that poetry isn't stuffy. It's alive, and breathing, and occasionally swears, and we echo that sentiment.

*Healthy discussion and debate - Have something that you are passionate about and want to make into a discussion? Get in touch!

* The advertising of Deep Underground Poetry in the wider world.

Mission of the podcast

* To make an interactive platform for all DU users to get their work out into the wider world.

* To be a friendly, community driven project.

* To give DU members the chance to contribute to something that will highlight their work.

* To unite members in the spirit of creativity.

We are open to everyone
We do this for the love of DUP & Poetry
We can't wait for you to get involved

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Meet The Team
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Meet the Members Of The Team Here


Username: Miss_Sub

Missy has been here since the beginning, and she's the tech side of the project, beavering away behind the scenes whilst intravenously attached to her teapot. Missy is English, in her 30's and enjoys craft, Paganism, and prison documentaries. Do not feed her after midnight.


Username: DanielChristensen

Daniel has been with the team since the start and shown himself to be the brains of the outfit, offering intellect with a huge slice of wit to the proceedings. Daniel is in his 40's, hailing from the big ol' US of A. Daniel is a published author, long time member and has a well-documented passion of occasional ham sandwiches.


Username: _boybrains

Ethan joined the team this year and has become one of the family. Hailing from London and in his twenties, Ethan is a huge fan of minimalist poetry and stretching his ear lobes to an obscene width. His honest and no-holds barred approach to poetry and interviewing makes him passionate about writing and bringing awareness to important issues in the world.
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Social Media & The Rise Of Instapoetry Future Podcast Episode
Yo human beans.

I'm (Me. Missy.) gonna hopefully be hosting a little podcast group chat on poetry & social media for a future podcast episode.

I'm very interested in looking at the rise of Instapoetry, and how social media is changing the face of poetry as we know it.

... is anybody interested? I'm just trying to gather some bodies.

Y'know. Not in an Ed Gein kind of way :D

14th April 9:17pm

Podcast Poetry Comp!

Hello there Chaps and Chapettes

There’s a little comp running over in the comps thread for you budding people of the microphone!

The idea is simple — find a poem that you love on the DU, ask their permission, and record yourself reading it!

It’s as simple as that! We’d love to see you there, I know there’s some talented people out there hiding behind those screens…

Want to hear more poetry by other poets to get inspired? Check out the “Let’s recite each other” and “reciting the greats” pages in the LoudSpeaker Poetry group.

Thanks! x
1st March 5:51pm
lepperochan Craic-Dealer

We Want You
Good day to you, fine people of the realm.

We would like to record a 1 hour special poetcast from members around the world

we'd like to concentrate on the crisis the world finds itself in.

we would like to hear your thoughts on where we are , how you're getting on post-pandemic. how you feel, how you might be affected by war rather than delve into who or what got us here.

if you are interested in taking part in this recording please PM me

thanks much
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Cipher_O Zero_Stillness

I have been listening to some of these podcasts and they are great.
18th October 11:19pm

My link to my YouTube video will not upload. Does anyone know why? I keep getting an invalid URL.
Edited 14th August 9:58pm

Monthly Forum Competitions
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Please use this thread to discuss and find details of the monthly forum competitions

Every month, a forum competition is held where we offer the winner to have their poems played on the show.

Competition Winners

* DCLXVI_1989
* FromTheAsh
* Eerie
* BuddyDog
* Case28
* MadameLavender

14th August 2:39pm

Suggestions & Feedback
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Please use this thread to discuss your suggestions and give any feedback for the show

Do you have a suggestion on something you would like to see on the show?

Do you have questions or feedback?

Do you have a burning idea?

Please discuss them here!
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On Air & Aware
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Please use this thread to discuss any On Air & Aware segments you have heard on the show

On Air & Aware gets to the heart of what is important to you and aims to bring awareness to a whole host of issues in the wider world such as mental health, LGBTQIA+ and anything that needs highlighting in a compassionate way.

Want to take part in this segment? Please leave a comment here or inbox ThePoetcastProject account.
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Strong Language
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Please use this thread to discuss the Strong Language segments that you have heard on the show

Strong Language is our candid discussion panel show featuring famous poetry according to a different theme every month.

Want to be a guest or have an idea for a poetry discussion? comment here or inbox ThePoetcastProject account.

Members Who Have Featured On Strong Language

* The_Silly_Sibyl
* HGNichols
* Paperstains
* Jestalessa

14th August 2:25pm

Risky Quizzness
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Please use this thread to discuss our Risky Quizzness segments that you have heard on the show

Risky Quizzness is our no holds barred monthly show split into three rounds including literature, current affairs, general knowledge and the DUP!

Want to get involved? Have a question you would like to submit? Please comment here or inbox ThePoetcastProject account.

Risky Quizzness Participants

* Lepperochan
* DanielChristensen
* Viddax
* David_Macleod
* CalamityGin
* Magdalena
* SocksScareMe
* Gahdess_Worship