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1st October 7:28am
Lolfukut1114 Adam St. Nick Cloninger

True tale
poetry 3133
You cannot bullshit the shitting bull for the shitting bull is full of bullshit
1st October 7:28am
Lolfukut1114 Adam St. Nick Cloninger

True tale
poetry 3132
You cannot bullshit the shitting bull for the shitting bull is full of bullshit
4th September 11:12pm
badmalthus Harry Rout

Stoic Insult Pacifism...Epictetus
“If anyone tells you that a certain person speaks ill of you, do not make excuses about what is said of you but answer, “He was ignorant of my other faults, else he would not have mentioned these alone.” - Epictetus
Edited 6th August 8:12am

Astro heads?
any one here study esoteric stuff like numerology or the zodiac? astro philosophy? i like to pull my ink from the night sky. what i've learned from it has helped shape my complete thoughts. aside the sun sign horoscopes and fortune cookie love compatibilities i have been exposed to mysteries, in other words incites unknown and puzzling at first sight πŸ™ƒ perhaps models that come across as metaphors to gravity
18th July 11:20pm
AndreasWicked Le serpent

poetry 2911
Folks ,
most of us can admit to being somewhat obssessed with demons. So I suggest you all to open up in the discussion. We're very close to each other in this sense.
Edited 27th June 2:27pm
lepperochan Craic-Dealer

read a story earlier about a 24 year old pregnant woman who got into a fight with another woman and was subsequently shot in the stomach. pregnant woman lost her baby.

anyhow, police were called, pregnant woman had left the scene but was picked up by police some time later and brought to hospital where the miscarriage was confirmed

woman who shot pregnant woman faces no charges as she alleges pregnant woman started the fight. pregnant woman was indicted by grand jury for manslaughter because she started the fight. she's being held on 50,000 bail

a spokesperson says the unborn child was dependent on its mother keeping it out of harm and starting the fight put the unborn baby in danger and so is culpable for its death

should add for clarity's sake, there's no actual evidence as to who started
the fight

i'm wondering if the charge is a bit on the heavy side. the pregnant woman didn't set out to kill her unborn child and must be going through lot of grief

place yourself on the grand jury. how would you have voted (if that's the right word) and why

much thanks

26th June 8:54pm

how fucked up i am and what a fucked up house

there is darkness is this house
so I sit in my room and pout
what good things come from my mouth
but I sit in silence and never shout
how much pain is in this house
there is an unlimited amount
enough to go around

you hate, you lie and you make me want to die
what things you say to make me want to escape
how I see, what I say, to you it all sounds the same
goodbye, good day, I hope you change those awful ways
let me sleep, let me be and please don't ever leave

there is enough pain to fill this house
enough drugs to kill me now
let the darkness take over your mind
as demons eat me up inside
but continue to suffer never say goodbye

no remedies for insanity
Written by Queen_of_darkness
how fucked up i am and what a fucked up house
22nd June 7:05pm

Trust issues
Should you try to get rid of your trust issues or do you think they would protect you most of the time?
Edited 11th June 12:41pm
Miss_Sub - Missy -

Selling Mystery For Money
poetry 2781

This morning I was drawn to this article regarding a new festival that is to take place in Ireland to celebrate the Celtic roots of Halloween.

Immediately, the Neo-Pagan in me rejoiced. I even considered risking a £10 flight on the dodgy Irish airline I can't name for legal reasons (but we'll call them Brian-air.)

Suddenly it got me thinking about a countries myths and traditions. Do you think that in modern humanity, we have sold out our mysteries in the name of money? Is nothing sacred anymore?

It kinda upset me in a way that my gut reaction was to look up this festival, to consider going to Ireland and underneath... those mysteries, that folklore, those legends are their own.

It's the same with dipping my foot in the reiki pool. People are cashing in with online reiki courses that you can do in a day and then you get to call yourself a reiki healer without the homework, without the practice, without the experience. There are day courses on Witchcraft, on Shamanism, on Asatru.... and I can't help but feel insulted by the fact that in this modern day and age of convenience and speed we feel we can insult the land, our ancestors and our roots by claiming we are these things in a day. We fall into the consumerist trap - just like I dived straight in to the tourism trap.

Have we as humans become disconnected from our own lands, our own lore, our own ways of life? Have we sold out our mysteries in the name of money?
25th May 4:06am
The_Element Exodus

Goodbye (Exodus)

It's time to move on with my journey to the other realm in which I belong
Where I fit in
The souls that call my name need me more importantly than the empty pathetic souls here
Come with me all my children that I have given birth to in my other lives
Dance with me in the higher realms like we used to
And where I found the other half of my soul
The father of my spiritual children that didn't have a chance to be birthed on this Earth plane
Come come now all my spirit children
Mother had come to take you home
No more suffering at the hands of the weak
No vessel can withstand your power in this low dimension
They stand tall and look tough but tip toe on fear and ego
Doing my dance as I go into my trance
Escaping this place of madness
So it can finally burn to ashes as it was always meant to do
No more sadness or sorrow
Because tomorrow mother will come to take all of my children away
To a place where they are safe
Say all of your goodbyes if not, maybe in the next lifetime
Let's go back home
Goodbye. Forever
Written by The_Element (Exodus)
When did you realize you had the gift of writing? Or poetry?
Ever since I was little I always had a thing for writing.Writing is what helped me get through hardship and traumatic events in my life and honestly, I believe it saved my life and kept me sane (partially). I went from just writing down my thoughts to writing about a variety of different subjects. Now I I have no limits when it comes to writing. I am a raw artist. I write about anything from emotions, to mental health and most of all my favorites: Erotica and Spirituality.What's your story? I
23rd May 4:31am
Miserylives Dylan Farmer

Misery Lives In Me

Misery lives in me.
It claws at my lungs as I try to breath.
It closes my throat as I struggle to scream.
It blinds my eyes to the truth all can see.
That love can be found, but never by me.
The tears shed in anger, the tears shed in fear.
The tears shed for the loss of one once held dear.
It tears at my heart to bloodied to beat.
It closes me off from the good in all that I meet.
Shut out from the light, no will left to fight.
I look in the mirror, into my eyes.
And feel pity for the man who everyday dies.
But in a life filled with fear, I am finally free.
I find comfort in the thought, that misery lives in me.
Written by Miserylives (Dylan Farmer)
This is the first poem I ever posted way back when I was in high school, just came back to the site so I figured I'd drop it here, get some thoughts. I'm thinking about getting back into writing so any thoughts would be appreciated. When I have something I'm happy with I'll post it here.
20th May 3:57pm
Bluefall44 Kera Daniels

poetry 2702
Every time I fall,
I always hit a wall
knocking me out
without a doubt.
I can't even think,
I can't even blink,
lying on the ground
without making a sound.
In the end,
there is no trend
just the fight
with no end in sight.