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19th February 5:10pm
David_Macleod David Macleod

poetry 2033
I am clearly getting a sense of created confusion between, "* Poetry Medics, *" the official DU critique group and the name adopted from an old competition theme of Poetic Medics - this is not a DU site despite it being advertised on DU. It is a private, commercial site, which also critiques at a price. This is normal, many commercial sites do this. "* DU's Poetry Medics *" offers a professional critique totally free of charge.

Given the confusion, I have decided to re-brand Poetry Medics to an unrelated name. The revamped and rebranded DU group will arrive soon

stay tuned for updates :-)))))
Edited 21st November 9:49am
David_Macleod David Macleod

poetry 1559
Welcome to "POETRY MEDICS." The doctor will see you now!

This group has been set up to give help and assistance with your poems. They may have a minor injury or may need surgery and resuscitation. We at POETRY MEDICS will read your submitted poems make a diagnose and suggest a prognosis. You don't need medical insurance - everything is covered free at the point of need.

All you have to do is to sign up as a member to use these facilities.


This is a simple and quick edit advising of typos, grammar, line lengths and tense.


For poems that are almost there, needing a quick tweak, and other respectful suggestions. We concentrate on positive outcomes by giving encouragement and making gentle suggestions for improvement.


We at POETRY MEDICS have a surgical team for poems you are not sure about. They may be works in process or the germ of an idea. We are here to help, thrash out ideas, making respectful suggestions on direction, voice and thrust, as we work towards a cure.


We at POETRY MEDICS, work closely with you and your treasured words to ensure that the poem recovers.

We at POETRY MEDICS all have good intentions and a pleasing bedside manner. We are here to help, support and encourage you to make healthier choices for your poems



Only One Submission Per Week - Thank you
Edited 21st November 9:48am
David_Macleod David Macleod

poetry 1561


CODEFEM: If the code is requested, this will be assistance from female members of staff only

CODEMAN: If the code is requested, this will be assistance from male members of staff only

CODE NOT-FUSSED: The gender of the Doctor isn't important


We at POETRY MEDICS believe in being all inclusive. This group is for everyone to get fully involved, in every area of our work. Membership elevates you to a team doctor. Any member may offer suggestions and medical assistance as well as receiving it.

Your poems posted within the group should also include the type of service they want and the gender code.

In this medical facility and in the treatment rooms there must always be equality of purpose and opportunity. This is why there is a six person team (3 women and 3 men). All members will have respect for each other and have a duty to be kind and gentle

POST YOUR POEMS HERE Only One Submission Per Week - Thank you
Edited 21st November 9:51am
David_Macleod David Macleod

poetry 1562

The poems submitted will receive treatment in a timely manner.

The main thrust is to reflect the positive in all poems submitted.

Only respectful suggestions can be made.

Kindness and gentleness is how we will behave.

There will be no need for arguments or flaming.

There will be need for understanding and compassion.

If you have nothing positive to say then don't say anything.

Through positive encouragement we can make lasting changes.

DU GOVERNMENT HEALTH WARNING Those who do not abide by the rules will be permanently removed for
showing a disregard and disrespect to others. Those who do not respect what we are trying to do here it the mission statement need not join. There will be a zero tolerance policy for all types of bullying, flaming and not treating others with respect, compassion and kindness.

there is just one warning - there will not be a second!


Only One Submission Per Week - Thank you
Edited 21st November 9:51am
David_Macleod David Macleod

poetry 1563
Meet the team

Mr David Macleod
Prof Ely
Dr Cold_Fusion
Dr Missy
Prof Josh
Dr Jemac

The team is and will be happy to help you.


Only One Submission Per Week - Thank you

28th December 10:28pm
Miss_Sub - Missy -

poetry 1690
Hi guys

When submitting a poem it would really help us out if you put your poems in the “treatments” thread that we have set up. This keeps the group nice and tidy and we can keep track of submissions better. A lot of submissions are becoming lost because they are appearing everywhere they aren’t supposed to be.

If you could please do this from now on that would be super smashing great. It would help us out muchly.

Thanks! :)
17th July 8:44am
hinescourtney801 Courtneyy

FEEDBACK PLEASE!!! thanks in advance 😊
My King

his locks caress my body as he explores my kingdom.
I feel his roots, his wisdom, on my navel as he gives me knowledge.
They kiss my neck so gently as if they have stole his lips.
They symbolize his strength...mmmh his strength.
They represent his freedom and race.
My fingertips stroke his crown and my body becomes weak.
So masculine, Him, MY KING,
This ain’t pretend ,it’s the real thing
Something like your “king” he has locs , locs of soft wool.
A crown worth more than any jewel.
Charcoal-black, they create a frame around his face.
Such a beautiful creation My God has made.
When our bodies become one,
I know I’m his moon and he’s my sun.
Boom-boom, boom-boom, buh-boom
My heart in sync with his
If he wasn’t here today
I couldn’t name one thing I wouldn’t miss
His mind contains mountains of knowledge, that I want to climb
We’ve been soulmates all this time.
Shea butter skin, soft yet bold
Black don’t crack so I can expect about the same when we grow old
I will always stand proud and tall next to His thrown
I will be there to support, love, and care for him until My God calls us home.
Beyond the heavenly bells’ ring
You will always be MY KING.
©️ Courtney Hines
16th July 4:53pm

How are you?
I made a tent outside my mind...
Wanna know what I realized?
That downers are annoying , always pleading suicide , or hurting themselves , turning others happy meals sad...
To the point one might shout out "hey you!! if you wanna do it , just do it already!! Just do it already!! Crap get it over with!!! Ughgg!!!

And I am a downer...
Just look at that …
Wrote all that in one breathe without a second thought , not planned just plain out heart...
You are happy
And if I am not helping you pull the load …
Crap then I am adding to it!
Like Raven with a limb …. I am a drag.
I know I am far from perfect...
And this life I far from deserve it

Yeah I know all the motivational speeches like feeding on reheated casserole...
I guess I just feel like I am not breathing anymore
Like I am dead and just going through the motions as it were like a zombie and only thrills I get are from brain encounters...
Or maybe I just lost the sense of it all
Like a blunt needle there is no point to it all...(full circle if you didn't get it)

I wanna shake the feeling but like a bear bite every shake tears at my flesh...
I do not mind the physical pain … It is the internal bleeding that gets you.

Hehe it is funny how far my mind can go down this rabbit hole an abyss it is … better to go too far then not far enough...
How can you tell what is light without darkness?
Point is … I do not like the question , how are you?.
Because it brings up all of this...

So if you see me smiling know it is genuine …
That when I laugh it is true..
And that in that moment it is real..
That I have no negative thought in that moment in time .
So please do not burst the bubble by asking that question....
Maybe I am not always negative … Perhaps only when it comes to me …

Which means that you will see a different side of me when I let you in and you get to know me …
And in that very moment you will be right.
Edited 11th June 12:05pm
Miss_Sub - Missy -

A friendly reminder
poetry 2780
A few points on why this group is here:

-Yes, we are aware that a few posts have been unanswered recently. This is due to us all leading busy lives, holding down real world jobs, being responsible humans and having other responsibilities on the site. Nagging is not appreciated - we are doing our best with the time we have.

-Critique is a two way street. We are not the self-professed Gods of critique. We are not here to tell you what is ultimately right and wrong. Poetry is not black and white. We are all (group leaders AND members) capable of saying what we do and do not like on a poem. In this group we are all equal. Not one is more qualified than the other.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

- Poetry Medics.
4th June 1:28am

Freeing From Ego, Building A Fake One
I am analyzing my corpse. Everything still moves, change. Everything is moving around the center-point of everything, and I see everything in everything. And the still arrow soars through it’s sky. Daytime, night, time flys on one indescribable love. Positive perspective solution. We exist! The big bang happened relatively and is still occuring, changing perspective from the finite to the infinite. One into two and two sides of one. Seeing the most simple and finding the most complex. Relative past, one now. Jump in! Kill your ego and cleanse your corpse. Purification, beingness being being. All the days go round and round, over the ground and under the ground. You can easily do it entirely. A planet of people in your imagination thinking about something. Go swimming in the sea in you. The thrilling feeling of migration, finally leaving home, free from an empty womb. Mother Earth is my birth and my tomb. Flying along the starway for now, collecting organs in my starship. New imaginary worlds full of thinking life, exploring. Connecting the dots as a rebuilt robot analyzes time. Metaphorical gravity, free of the threshold. We’re finding new brains in piles of fleshy mirrors and symbols, on one entire body of mind, all. Formless, when do we arrive at the shore to set sail to the destination of the invisible whale? In the beginning. The beginning is in us all of the time. Design with your mental paint-brush. Dancing in the sun, tingling heat, paradise dream, ten days a week. The artist creates one form within many, and many within one. The long list of sights relates one form to many, and many search within. And we live within the composite as part of it. And the layers relate and are part of each other. My new robotic ego is analyzing meaning in a hug. Compute the love.

Magic Spell #420:
Love the outside. Great infinite Angel come down and let me act as your vessel and voyage. Paint your presence on us in the now. As above, so below, outside of that and in the nothing. Help us develop. Please. Word. Bless this media my friend.

2nd May 00:16am


Still fairly new to DUP and getting the hang of everything it has to offer, including this group. I wanted to ask whether it's expected that poems submitted for Treatment are to be "finished" (ie fully developed) drafts, or if they can be ones underway that we're struggling with.

- Joshua
16th April 6:41pm
BeautyQueen00 Queen Kawaii

Why is it that sometimes we don't know to write about or words just don't come to mind?
Sometimes, on here I just don't know what to write about. Can someone tell me why is this? Everybody has this problem.