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Introduce Yourself!
A place to introduce yourself to Loud-Speaker Poetry. Say hello! We don't bite...

(Are you a new member? Don't forget to check out "The Welcome Party" group to introduce yourself to the whole Underground! -
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Let's Recite Each Other
An old idea, re-vamped. Recite another member's poem. Don't forget to ask their permission! Share with us a poem worth reading out loud. If you enjoyed the poem, remember to leave a comment on the original piece to let them know you enjoyed it.
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The Music Library
Are you an artist that has music available for spoken word artists to use in their videos? Are you looking for great music to use in your productions? This is for you!

A directory of the best places on the web to find available to use music and graphics for loud-speaker videos.
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It's All About The Passion
Learn how to add passion and emotion to your readings here. All questions on diction, pitch and expression.
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The Tech Shack
Got a technical question? Need to know how to create a video effect? Need help with Audacity? Get advice on all your technical stuff here.
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The Practice Patch
A safe space to share your poetry readings. Receive feedback on your audio / video creations.
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Voicing The Greats
Post yourself reading famous poetry. Teach us something new!
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A video 'how to' guide to recording

I am slowly putting together a video 'how to' guide on recording questions I get asked. I will be adding video guides here as they appear. If you have a recording question guide that you would like to see, please let me know and I can try and record it for you.

* The basics of using Audacity to record your poems:

* How to add music to your vocal track in Audacity:

* How to create a spoken word video:

* How to upload a video to Youtube:

* How to add your Youtube video to your DU poem:

* Ideas on simpler ways to record your poems:

* How to deal with poem reading anxiety & nerves:
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Inspiring Spoken Words
A place to share and discuss any examples of audio poetry you find particularly amazing.
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RevolutionAL Alistair Plint

a moment in pre-flight .

RevolutionAL (Alistair Plint)
Hard Core Opinion & Channel Share
I'm busy building myself into a new direction (for me) of video poetry, think still images with a reading and intended background direction. Anyhow this is my first. I'd love the opinions of those who do voice poetry, I'd love to know if this crap or stands a chance. Also I started a youtube channel for this purpose, but have no idea how to find others who do the same, so I'd appreciate if you posted a channel link so I can follow you and build a li'l DU community of youtube poets.

Also what category do you use on Youtube for poetry? I used blogs & entertainment as I couldn't find anything similar to poetry?

Thanks for the insights and comments peepol!

9th May 2:53am

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2nd May 2:22am

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