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Introduce Yourself!
poetry 10
A place to introduce yourself to Loud-Speaker Poetry. Say hello! We don't bite...

(Are you a new member? Don't forget to check out "The Welcome Party" group to introduce yourself to the whole Underground! -
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Let's Recite Each Other
poetry 15
An old idea, re-vamped. Recite another member's poem. Don't forget to ask their permission! Share with us a poem worth reading out loud. If you enjoyed the poem, remember to leave a comment on the original piece to let them know you enjoyed it.
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The Music Library
poetry 16
Are you an artist that has music available for spoken word artists to use in their videos? Are you looking for great music to use in your productions? This is for you!

A directory of the best places on the web to find available to use music and graphics for loud-speaker videos.
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It's All About The Passion
poetry 14
Learn how to add passion and emotion to your readings here. All questions on diction, pitch and expression.
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The Tech Shack
poetry 13
Got a technical question? Need to know how to create a video effect? Need help with Audacity? Get advice on all your technical stuff here.
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The Practice Patch
poetry 12
A safe space to practice your poetry readings before adding them to your poems. Receive critique and feedback on your audio / video creations.
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Voicing The Greats
poetry 11
Post yourself reading famous poetry. Teach us something new!
31st July 10:24am
socksscareme Socks

Has anyone read...
poetry 2940
I'm reading this book currently, it's obviously talking about music but also vocal pitch, timbre, etc in regards to the human voice and how we convey emotional messages by the notes, melody and harmonies we choose. Has anyone else read it? I'd love to bounce thoughts back and forth on it.
28th July 4:42pm

The Power of Words

The Power of Words
Hey guys. Hope you enjoy my latest audio reading.
17th July 8:03am
hinescourtney801 Courtneyy

spoken word
i can not bring myself to reading my poems out loud in front of people.
30th June 2:43pm

Outside the Line

I hope you enjoy my reading.
20th May 9:02pm
David_Macleod David Macleod