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Introduce Yourself!
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A place to introduce yourself to Loud-Speaker Poetry. Say hello! We don't bite...

(Are you a new member? Don't forget to check out "The Welcome Party" group to introduce yourself to the whole Underground! -
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Let's Recite Each Other
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An old idea, re-vamped. Recite another member's poem. Don't forget to ask their permission! Share with us a poem worth reading out loud. If you enjoyed the poem, remember to leave a comment on the original piece to let them know you enjoyed it.
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The Music Library
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Are you an artist that has music available for spoken word artists to use in their videos? Are you looking for great music to use in your productions? This is for you!

A directory of the best places on the web to find available to use music and graphics for loud-speaker videos.
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It's All About The Passion
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Learn how to add passion and emotion to your readings here. All questions on diction, pitch and expression.
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The Tech Shack
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Got a technical question? Need to know how to create a video effect? Need help with Audacity? Get advice on all your technical stuff here.
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The Practice Patch
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A safe space to share your poetry readings. Receive feedback on your audio / video creations.
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Voicing The Greats
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Post yourself reading famous poetry. Teach us something new!
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A video 'how to' guide to recording
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I am slowly putting together a video 'how to' guide on recording questions I get asked. I will be adding video guides here as they appear. If you have a recording question guide that you would like to see, please let me know and I can try and record it for you.

* The basics of using Audacity to record your poems:

* How to add music to your vocal track in Audacity:

* How to create a spoken word video:

* How to upload a video to Youtube:

* How to add your Youtube video to your DU poem:

* Ideas on simpler ways to record your poems:

* How to deal with poem reading anxiety & nerves:
23rd February 3:37pm
Northern_Soul -Missy-

Inspiring Spoken Words
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A place to share and discuss any examples of audio poetry you find particularly amazing.
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RevolutionAL Alistair Plint

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RevolutionAL (Alistair Plint)
Hard Core Opinion & Channel Share
I'm busy building myself into a new direction (for me) of video poetry, think still images with a reading and intended background direction. Anyhow this is my first. I'd love the opinions of those who do voice poetry, I'd love to know if this crap or stands a chance. Also I started a youtube channel for this purpose, but have no idea how to find others who do the same, so I'd appreciate if you posted a channel link so I can follow you and build a li'l DU community of youtube poets.

Also what category do you use on Youtube for poetry? I used blogs & entertainment as I couldn't find anything similar to poetry?

Thanks for the insights and comments peepol!

9th May 2:53am
cloventongue89 Nathaniel Peter

Cloven Performance February 6th and May 8th, 2022
Spoken word done at my church during offering special, if you can get past the religious rhetoric and the nature of it being a church service the poems are relatable to anyone who watches someone they love suffer and even pass away.
2nd May 2:22am
cloventongue89 Nathaniel Peter

Cloven Performance May 1st, 2022

cloventongue89 (Nathaniel Peter)
Feedback on my spoken word performance
Tonight I had the opportunity to do live spoken word and I feel like one thing I tend to do is pick too many poems for the time I'm given and can kind of feel like I'm in a rush to read them till I get to the last one that tends to be my clincher. I give some context but not a lot but my Father in law came tonight and recommended I tell people more about myself to give them something to relate to. I came out the gate swinging with heavy hitters then slowed down at the end to some degree and gave more context for my last poem. I still am trying to get familiar enough with my words by reading through them a few times to hone my delivery but would feel more like it would flow if I'd take the time to try to memorize a few. I used to be good at memorization when I was younger but haven't developed that as much. Whether or not I memorize any of them any tips or honest critique is welcome, I felt a lot of support from people but some of it was from those bias to be supportive like my wife or in laws. Some honest reviews preferably not too harsh is welcome, but if it needs a lot of work please say so but I think I'm generally on the right track with what I try to do when bringing it into the light of performing it live. Sometimes I think my poems read better and I'm not sure if i'm a little out of my depth as far as what you might hear as a more straight forward and easier to follow kind of spoken word performance. I sometimes think if I found the right musicians that can help me own the emotion in the music I could read over it or just write some of my poems as like lyrics to a song altogether. Although when it comes to songs it seems like I either have to dummy the lyrics down or find the heart of the poem that are the stand out lines and it be a bit less wordy, though even that may depend on the genre of what the words might be suitable to. I love metal and hardcore even screamo kinds of bands and even play guitar but haven't really figured how to marry my skill for writing with my limited knowledge of how to play music catchy enough to sell the words other than perhaps at some point trying to create some backing music tracks I read over. Any suggestions are appreciated.